Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A little time away

Last week we had some great, fun things take place and I know you will find this hard to believe but I did not take a single photo!  Sometimes it feels good to leave the camera at home and just enjoy the moment.

On Tuesday, the 12th, my kids left to go to Papa and Nana's for a week.  It was fun watching them pack ;-)  I SHOULD have taken a photo of what they gathered!  They each have a bag that they are allowed to fill with anything they want to take.  Those bags included everything from trucks to tools to . .. . a bag of cookie mix and green sprinkles HA!  Yep, they wanted to make cookies at Nana's house :-)  I'm kinda surprised it all fit in Nana's car with the dog but we made it work and I sent them on their way!  The reason they left on Tuesday is because I was hosting the Ladies Meeting for church.

Ladies meeting - where the ladies from church meet together once a month at someone's house to play a game, eat snacks and have a Bible Study.  It is too hard to host when my kids are home since there is no where for them to go so I lined this time up once I knew there were other things going on at the same time.  We had a good time at the meeting - a lower turn-out than normal but we all still enjoyed ourselves.

Wednesday - Ahhhhh no kids :-)  I got up early and took my husband to work so we only had one vehicle to deal with over the next two days.  Of course I laid back down to get some extra sleep ;-)  Once I got up, I packed for an overnight trip with the hubs, loaded up, and headed to get my hair cut.  This was a much needed cut after having to cancel when I was so sick in December.  I picked up a Mocha Frappe and went to enjoy an hour's worth of pampering :-)  I had a few minutes to spare after I was done so I went next door to the scrapbook store to pick up a few supplies for my weekend adventure before heading into downtown to pick up my husband!

We were given a gift at Christmas that we saved for Valentine's Day week.  Back in January, we used our best friend, Priceline, to reserve a hotel for Wednesday night.  We also had a gift card to Red Lobster so we started out by stopping for dinner and we both looked at each other and said, "There is no time table for the next two days", then we took a deep breath, sat back, and relaxed.  We took our time at dinner, enjoying our food, quiet conversation, and laughing at other people (Yep, I said that out loud).  After dinner, we did some window shopping.  We have a long list of things on our wish list so we went to our local Art Van Furniture Store to check out some things.  Ironically the one thing we found that we loved was a Sofa and that was the one thing that was NOT on our list HA!  We loved the sofa so much that, if we were impulse buyers, we would have bought it right there but we aren't so we didn't!  Instead we headed to our hotel to check in and relax.  We got all situated right in time to watch Survivor.  Then at about 9:30 we did one of our favorite things - we got a "treat".  Normally, when the kids are with us, we wait until they are asleep, then Darryl runs out and gets a late night snack for us but this time - we both went and ended up at Culvers for burgers and Fries.  (What? we ate "dinner" at 4:00! and that was the only real meal either of us had eaten!).  We even stayed up to watch the late night shows - something we never do anymore.

Thursday - we slept in. Yes we did.  It was great.  Usually we have kids in our room by 7:00 AM.  Once we got up and got ready, we headed to Grand Traverse Pie Company for an early lunch and some internet time :-)  Then we headed to a movie.  Darryl picked one that was more "artistic" and is something I would have never picked to watch but it actually kept my interest.  The buttery popcorn and large Pepsi didn't hurt either :-)  From there we did some more shopping - we started by picking up new batteries for our computers - those were actually our Christmas presents to each other.  Both of our computers had given up the ghost in batteries months ago. (It is so nice to be writing this post, sitting on the couch, not at my desk, since I no longer have to plug in!).  Then my husband "made me" go next door to Payless and bought me boots.  I finally can play in the snow . .. that has all melted HA!  Darryl wanted to stop at the Guitar store to check out some stuff so I went next door to an upscale furniture store just for fun and found another couch that I love that was on clearance . . .but we still didn't buy :-)  Finally, we headed to Baker Book House - a Christian Book Store - that has recently remodeled and includes a coffee shop.  We used to go to the Book Store all of the time but now, we never get a chance to so this was a treat.  Oh. my. word.  The coffee shop was to die for.  I wish I had taken a photo of our coffee - the Barista had even written "Mocha" in chocolate on top of our drinks and wrote in Chocolate on the plate that held a slice of cheesecake.  It was so good!!!  I did some shopping while Darryl enjoyed the Wi-Fi.  I picked up a Devotional book and some soundtracks :-)  So much fun!.  We wrapped up our day by picking up a pizza to take home - it was free :-)  We had REALLY bad food from them a few weeks ago so they sent us a gift card to try it again.  The pizza was very good, the service to get the pizza was awful - we won't go back.

Friday - Darryl expected to work today, even made the 45 minute drive in only to find out that his cab had been given out to someone else.  It was a nice bonus to have him home but it would have been nicer if he had not had to get up at 3:00 AM :-/  Anyway, for me, I was repacking for a weekend away!  I left on Friday to head to a scrapbooking weekend and would not be home until Sunday evening :-)  I ended up completing 70 pages and two small projects that had been hanging over my head for . . .well. .. years :-)  It was a great get away and Darryl got to enjoy some time alone and get some recording done too.

The boys returned on Monday and life is slowly getting back to normal . .. did I say slowly?  :-)

This would have been a much more exciting post with pictures :-)