Sunday, May 4, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* Did you know you have two sets of shoulders?  Where are the second set, you ask?  Your elbows of course!  Nate will hold his elbows and tell me, "Mom, look these are also shoulders!" HA

* My kids are funny.  That is all there is to it.  I wish I could capture expressions, little sayings, and more but I can't.  Josh makes me laugh out loud daily.  Nate always has some creative idea that comes from his imagination.

* The boys had to go to the vet with us when we took Misty in so they had a few questions about why she didn't come home with us.  We told them that she was too sick so we had to leave her at the vet.  About half way through the week, Nate said, "I heard a cat meow on TV.  It sounds like Misty.  I wonder how she's doing."  He's just so sweet.

* The neighbor has a cat who looks surprisingly like a cat we had when we first got married named Franny.  The boys have looked through photo albums and have seen that cat.  Well, one day, the boys crossed our little street with me to get the mail and the cat starting rubbing all over their legs.  Nate exclaimed, "Mom, this used to be our cat back when we were all kids!!" hahaha  They have no concept of time!

*Nate wiped out on the sidewalk one day this past week.  Wiped. Out.  An elbow and a knee were shredded and he was so mad.  Eventually I heard him yelling to me from his room where he was in bed asking for a drink because, well, he couldn't walk HA!  He even had Josh getting him popscicles  - Josh informed me that "he was takin' care of Nate because he wouldn't be able to walk until tomorrow." hahaha  Even in the shower, I was informed by Josh that Nate needed a stool to sit on so the water wouldn't hurt his knee and I found him in there on the stool with a washcloth covering his knee when it was time to get him out.  Poor kid.