Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Grocery Budget Challenge

I realize that at the posting of this, February won't quite be over but, considering the fact that the next time I grocery shop I will be challenging myself for the month of March, I thought I would share the basic break down of where the money went.  Since this was the first month of my challenge, I really need to track the items we bought so I could see what we are buying and where we can change. 

Fresh Fruits/Veggies - $21.32
Dairy - $54.78
Tolietries - $8.00
Frozen Foods - $34.15
Pantry Items - $121.65
Meat $53.46
Snacks $36.06
Bread - 13.37
Animals 8.28
 Dinks 72.80
Cleaning/Paper Products 60.54

Total : $484.17

A few notes:
* That total is not totally accurate.  Why?  Because I'm sure I missed a reciept or two of a quick run to the store or when my husband stopped to grab milk or something. 
* This really only includes three weeks worth of shopping and I'm already $84.00 over budget.
* I was surprised by the low amount of fruits and veggies . . . but it is also winter and I tend to only buy Bananas and Apples.  Add to the fact that the bananas in the store most of the month were green and hard - we didn't buy as many! 

I'll be honest, I'm not 100% where I can cut back.  Yes, we drink a lot and I can make a change to that category and there are snacks that can be cut out as well.  I think what I really need to do is continue to try to plan for the month and buy stuff when it is on sale and when I have a coupon too.