Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Decorations - the rest of the House

I'm not sure what happened but I've run out of days HA!  I had it in my head that I could post once a week and get through the house but . . .then I looked at my blogging calendar and guess what?  I can't.  Between Advent Posts and Homeschool Posts not to mention one little boys birthday that is coming up . . .well, I'm running out of days.  So this post will include the rest of the house :-)

If you missed the last two posts, please take a look at our Kitchen and our Dining Room.

Now, on to the Living Room!

 After I had finished decorating the Living Room, I glanced at the photo boards and noticed they looked out of place because they held all of our recent photos . . .taken in the midst of a beautiful fall!  The fall pictures just didn't work so I went through last years Christmas photos and picked out some favorites, had them printed and have put those on the boards.  Such a small thing makes such a big difference!

 The boys stockings.  I'll be honest, they are never big enough HA  But, we love them.  We purchased them at Bronner's in Frankenmuth before each of their first Christmas'.
 A favorite spot of the boys - the candy dish! 
 I used to wrap the pictures on the walls but, as nice as it looks, it is alot of work so instead I'm slowly adding Christmas artwork.  In this case, these are paintings the boys did last year.   The shelf holds a couple of special decorations.  The Christmas Tree was a gift Darryl brought me on our very first date.  It is supposed to light up but it doesn't anymore - I still love it though!
 Then there is this Reindeer Noel - I bought it for my first apartment and have never found anything else like it.
 The Trees are a new addition this year.  I found them at Walmart after Christmas last year for just a couple of dollars.  They look great by my special snowmen.
 Another thing I love to do is hang ornaments from the ceiling.  I think it adds dimension for not a lot of effort!
 Donald Duck.  This is something we picked up at Frankenmuth years ago.  I will admit that he often stays up most, if not all of the year. 
 Our Christmas Tree (and it is snowing really hard outside too!)
 I left some things for the boys to decorate with (I decorated while they were at Papa and Nana's) because I know how much they love to help.  I even left this whole stand empty for them and this was Josh' creation. 
 Such a pretty photo of the tree and all of the snow outside!
I picked up this house through a Home Interiors party quite a few years ago.  I like that it is whimsical - and it is made of Tin verses the classic Glass houses.

 Another picture of the tree to showcase the lights. 
One last photo - see the guy in blue?  That is a toy from my Husband's childhood.  (Not HIS toy - he and his brother destroyed their toy like that making it do all kinds of things HA).  He resides on the cabinet all year long but at Christmas he gets a hat and some jingle bells :-)

Now, on to the bathroom!
 The Christmas shower curtain - an all time favorite.  And the rug :-)  Those two things alone make the bathroom much more festive!
 The shelf in the bathroom is home to some more of my favorite snowmen!
This, once again, is Josh's handwork - he felt the tree would go perfectly right on the bathroom cart and who am I to argue? ;-)
I love wreaths on the doors.  This is the bathroom door and then in the distance is our bedroom door.  This year, that is as much decor as our room got.  I usually change out the bedspread but my husband is using that quilt on the couch to sleep most nights and, after cleaning out all of my stuff this summer, I ended up without stuff to use in a few rooms.  That's ok - our room right now is "filled" with boxes holding Christmas gifts, or at least it FEELS that way!

Finally, the boys room.
 Their door decoration.
 Each of the boys has a tree.  They love them (and they will probably be up until April!!)
 This year the boys are really beginning to understand what Christmas is - that there was a special baby born just for us.  I love the Nativity Sets they each have and, it is even ok if they play with them!
 I used wreaths as wall decorations in their room - there is one hanging over each of their beds.
Some ornaments from the ceiling add lots of fun for them too.
A nice shot of their trees and nativity sets.

That's our home this year!  I've mentioned before that I've had more fun this year because I have less stuff and have been able to add a few new things.  Next year I want to add more lights and wall decor more than anything else.

Merry Christmas!