Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekly Menu

First of all, I wanted to share this easy soup that I made last week.  It's called Corn Chowder and looks like this:

My mom got this for me and it is fabulous.  You can just prepare it out of the bag or add to it - which I did.  I added a can of cream corn and a package of diced ham.  It really was fabulous and I love that it was super easy and super quick to make.

So, what are eating this next week?  You will probably laugh when you read this menu.

Monday: Chicken Scallipini, Noodles, and a veggie.  This is actually from last weeks menu . I forgot about a potluck on Sunday at church so I ended up with an "extra" meal. 

Tuesday: Election day :-)  We like to take the boys with us so as soon as Darryl gets home, we'll vote and then grab something for dinner.  Maybe Applebees since kids eat free on Tuesdays or just a pizza.

Wednesday: Darryl has practice so it is just the boys and I.  I'll either do Mac and cheese or we'll go run errands and grab something for dinner. 

Thursday: Chili and French Bread.  Wait for it . ..  .when I made Chili last month, I froze half of it for this month HA!  I don't even have to cook - just heat it up!

Friday: I'm leaving to attend a weekend scrapbooking crop so Darryl is on his own. (The kids are going to the grandparents house)

Saturday: I'll be home for dinner so I'm thinking about having Darryl grill some burgers and maybe I'll pick up some sides from KFC on my way in to town.

Sunday: Darryl has a concert in the morning so I believe that we will stop for lunch somewhere on our way back home.

Seriously - how about that menu??  Yes, my grocery list is VERY small this week HA!