Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Our week in photos #48

This should have been posted before the new year so I'm counting it as the last photo post of the year!  Based on it being the 48th post, I obviously missed a few weeks and I may have messed up a number along the way.  I look forward to starting over again this coming weekend with 2020 #1!

Saturday - this was the official start to Christmas break and this was a spur of the moment fun activity!  It popped up on my Facebook feed and was within 20 miles so we took off to another little town for their Christmas Fun!  We got free pizza, cookies and chocolate milk plus I splurged on Elephant Ears too. 

 The grinch was there - which was great since we were wrapping up our Grinch Countdown Calendar.  
Plus there was a real hay ride!  The day was beautiful.  It was sunny and crisp but not too cold to be outside for a couple of hours. 

Sunday- Nate's birthday!  We celebrated this amazing kid all day long!  We started the day with lunch at Olive Garden! 

 We spent a few hours at Chuck-E-Cheese

And then a few hours at Glow Golf playing a round of mini golf and a lot of video games.  We then went to McDonald's for dinner and drove around our local town looking at Christmas lights. 

Monday - Monday was a day to get things done.  I wrapped, organized, baked and relaxed.  

Tuesday - Christmas Eve!  Since we were a "week short" in the holiday season this year, we did multiple things today!  We baked cut out cookies and made Gingerbread Houses (well, our version!).  Honestly, the cookies never did get decorated and they were slightly underbaked so when I went to take them out on New Years Eve they were in one big clump!  Oops!  I might have to try again at Valentines days :-) 

We ended the evening with dinner at my moms, the Christmas Eve Service, and then dessert at my mom's too! 

 We opened Christmas Eve gifts at my mom's before heading for home.  

 Once home, the boys put on their new PJ's and let me take my favorite photos. 
The stockings!  The boys had put out cookies and milk for Santa and went to bed.  I stayed up to finish all of the final touches!  Christmas is coming! 

Wednesday - Christmas Morning!  The boys were up at 6:45 ready to go! 

 We started by giving the animals their stockings.  I'm not sure who has more fun, the animals or the kids. 
 We ate breakfast at home before loading up the gifts and heading to my mom's house. 
 Nate was very excited to get a new bike.  This was a big item on his list!  

 Josh was really hoping for a Virtual Reality Head set so he was thrilled to get this!  
 We spent the rest of the morning (and a little bit of the afternoon) opening gifts!  The boys love to give their gifts out too.  They do a great job! 
It was warm.  A little flag football happened outside in Pj's, without coats.  Crazy weather. 

Thursday - We took off and went to a free movie at the library - they were showing the animated movie "The Grinch".  I had never seen it and I laughed so much!  What a great movie!!  We ran a few errands and just enjoyed the 60 degree weather (for real!) 

Friday - My mom, the boys and I took off to visit my nephew and his family.  It was an amazing day! 

 We all played outside - Nate enjoyed pulling the two littles around in the wagon. 

The boys also loved the cats.  This little one, Phoebe, followed Nate around and let him hold her.  He loved it :-) 

So our Christmas week was amazing.  So many great, fun memories!