Monday, May 6, 2019

Vacation Favorites

There has been talk recently in our house of vacations.  Not that we have one planned but just that we would all like to take them!  That has me thinking about what we would do.  Usually, we just take a camping trip or two throughout the summer but, beyond that, we haven't done much.  Naturally finances are always the biggest concern but until the boys where old enough (which they are now) spending money on a trip just wasn't what we wanted to do!  They are much more fun now though so it would be fun to go.

So, what are we thinking?  Darryl and I would both love to go to the ocean.  Specifically to Gulf Shores Alabama.  Darryl picked this area out several years ago has the "perfect place" and it's on his wish list for us to go and get away.  I was just looking at rentals there last week and, going in the off season (January) is not too expensive but we run the risk of things being closed.  I might do some checking though, and see if I can figure out what activities are still open!  The kids toss out ideas like Canada (remember the days when we could just drive across the bridge in Detroit without any concerns?  Now we have to get our drivers licenses updated to even consider it!) but Darryl and I would like to take them to Gatlinburg!  We've been twice and just loved it.  I think the boys would love the cabin and the Smokies!  Not to mention the cool drives, hikes, and more!  I just saw too that they opened a Pedestrian Suspension Bridge which would be awesome to walk across!

I also thought I'd share some photos from some of our favorite trips :-)

We've been to Las Vegas twice and would go back again!  We love all of the sites and also to just go exploring.  We love to rent a convertible and just . . .well .. drive!

We've also been to Tennessee twice - Gatlinburg!  We rent a cabin in the mountains and just enjoy the Smokies and also all of the Touristy stuff!