Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Boys Room

One of the "big ticket items" on my goals this month was to finally get the boys room picked up again.  Their room had a double whammy because 1) When we painted the living room in May, I slid all kinds of things into their room to get them out of the way.  Then, I never found new homes for them as we put the living room back together 2) Because it was already crowded stuff got thrown everywhere because we couldn't get to anything!  Well, we spent all of last week cleaning their room, moving Legos to the new Lego Room in the basement and sorting every single thing in the room.  It's a huge improvement and I'm hopeful (not really HA) that because they helped sort things and find homes for things that it will stay cleaner.

Here's some before photos:

And now, the after:

 Look at all that floor space! 
 The goal is to keep a walking path to the closet - it isn't always easy.  And, if you look closely you can see a friend in the closet. 
 Itty, Bitty, Whitty Kitty HA! 
The boys love being able to play video games again and Nate loves being able to get to his power rangers too! 

Now, for a little extra bonus in this post we also cleaned out the playroom recently and this was the "After":
 The truck closet.  We lined up every single truck in the living room and I made them pick their top 5 favorites first.  They were so afraid that was all they would get but, in the end they actually kept every single truck because they "love them all" HA! 
 My scrapbooks will be moving out of this closet as soon as I can purchase the shelf I want for them.  That will offer a little more storage in the playroom too. 
 Isn't that pretty??? AND it still looks like this three weeks later! 
 This unattractive huge industrial shelf that I bought for my basement is the perfect shelf for this room because it houses the big bins of toys so nicely.  And yes, they have pulled bins and baskets off of it to play with stuff and have put them back.  That also proves it is a great storage solution! 
The game shelf!  So neat and easy to use!