Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . that it seems like spring might almost be in the air.  I'm still hearing about the possibility of snow in the coming weeks but I also have flowers starting to pop up through the dirt too!

I'm loving . . . that my husband was home on Monday :-)  He isn't home very often so the rare days he does get to be home all day is a true treat!

I'm loving . . .  that we finally hung up Nate's one year photo college - the best part is that it is hung where our clock used to be so every time I look for the clock . . I see Nate ha!!

I'm loving . . . that I've had some time to scrapbook this week. 

I'm loving . . . that Josh has officially nick-named Nate . . ."Eat" :-)  I do believe the name will stick for a long time!

I'm loving . . . that my husband fixed my computer, got rid of the virus it had, and figured out how to restore everything I thought I had lost.  He's the best.

So, what are YOU loving this week?