Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reading List

One of the things that I really enjoy doing is reading.  I grew up in a family where we read every day; TV wasn't a big deal until I was in Junior High but we always had books.  My dad read to me every day - the whole Little House Series, Heidi, and more so it is no wonder I still love to read.  My library used to be huge but I have had to narrow it down the last few years to make room for kids - I went from 6 book cases to 2!!!  I went through my shelves a few years ago and took out all of the books I didn't really enjoy.   Now I am currently "reading through my library" to decided if there are more books I don't enjoy.  For fun, I am reading Wanda Brunstetter currently - she writes a lot of books about Amish.  I have to be honest and say I think all of the books I have been here are going up for sale on Half.com (I sell a lot of books on Half.com) . . .they are ok but I find that they are pretty simply written and, now that I"ve read them 3 times, I don't think I really care to read them again nor do I want to add to the sets I have either.  But, I'm also challenged to get away from the "fun reads" and read some books that teach me something or are deeper, more difficult to swallow - no brainers are good but my brain needs to stretch first.  So, one of my goals is to read a book a month - amazingly right now, I have books on my shelf that fit this challenge category and that is what I pulled from - most of them are books I feel I "should" read even though I'm not thrilled about them LOL  So, here's my list!

1) Along the Infant Way by Ezzo and Ezzo - This is a book that came  recommended to me by many people.  When I had Josh - I skipped straight to the meat of the book to read about schedules but never went back and read the rest of it.  I feel like I need to for my own benifit and so I can answer other's questions about this book and the topic.  Even though I'm almost out of this stage currently, I think the info is still probably good!

2) Along the Toddler Way by Ezzo and Ezzo - I planned to read this book before Josh turned 1; well that didn't happen. Luckily it is a SHORT book!!  Wonder what I"ll learn?

3) Humor for a Womans' Heart by a Variety of Artists - I just thought that after the above two books, I needed to lighten it up.  My mom gave me this book and said it was funny.

4.)In the Sanctuary of Outcasts a Memoir by Neil White - I started this book and had to put it down.  Couldn't really get into it but again, my parents both said it is a great book; something totally differant than either read and they weren't too sure about it at first.  I'm going to take the challenge on it and see if I can get through it! This is probably the one I"m the most leary about so who knows??
5) Woman Leaving the Workplace by Larry Burkett - My Pastor's Wife gave me this book to read when I was struggling to leave work and all of the things it would mean - not because I didn't want to leave work but because of WANTING to leave and making it work on one income.  I meant to read it before I quit but just didn't have the time so there is no time like now to read it :-)

Now, I am not currently recommending any of these books since I haven't read them - I'm just making my list which will take me through December.  I'm already working on my next list and am a little more excited about some of those . . .but first I must read these so that is my motivation!!! 

My challenge to you is what are you reading to stretch yourself, stretch your mind, challenge yourself.  It is easy to read the simple stuff - the stuff that takes us to another place.  But what about the books that make you focus??