Monday, September 1, 2014

Homeschool Happenings - Week 1

We started school last Monday.  The boys were beyond excited and I was just ready to get the first day under my belt so then, we could move forward.

 Nate has been dying to learn to read so to actually begin Kindergarten was a huge deal to this cutie pie!

 Josh was very excited to start school but he had an idea that he might be in charge HA! 

The first day did not go off perfectly.  I had two very silly boys on my hands.  We got through all of our lessons for the day but I needed a nap by the time we were done!

The rest of the week went better - we all learned some things this first week.  I figured out that I need to do our "Fred" Math first since it is based on a story and problem solving together.  We then work through our Math worksheet which is based on discussion.  We follow that with our Phonics lessons so the boys can finish their worksheets individually. 

Darryl and I are also working on finding ways to teach the boys things throughout the day and on Thursday the boys got a lesson in road painting.

We've watched the construction on our road throughout the summer and it was finally time for painting.  They loved being able to stand right by the road for a few minutes while Darryl explained the process and they got to watch the work truck for a bit too.

All in all, our first week went well.  Next week I'll add a more things to our lessons  - I planned this first week very simply so we could get used to the process :-)