Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Teaching Tuesday - A List

Here is list of what "should of" but didn't:

1.  On Sunday the 21st, we should of went to church for the Christmas Service but we didn't . .. .I was super, duper, duper sick with the stomach flu and did not leave the bedroom the entire day except to, well, puke.

2.  On Monday the 22nd, the boys and I should have taken China to the vet, gone to lunch at McDonald's and enjoyed the playland (ok the boys enjoy the playland), go to the library for a movie and pick up Nate's Birthday Cake from Meijer but we didn't. . .. Nate and I were so very very sick that Darryl stayed home from work to take China to the vet and take care of us.  Nate didn't get to enjoy one inch of his birthday.

3. On Tuesday the 23rd the boys and I should of finished up Christmas shopping, made and decorated Christmas cookies and worked on a fun Christmas project but we didn't . . ..Nate and Josh were sick and I was still recovering.  With fevers galore, we all laid low and prayed we'd get well.  I had to make plans for "plan B" and make a store run to pick up back up food for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just in case we couldn't go away. 

4. On Wednesday the 24th we should of had a relaxing morning and headed out to my parents without any stress but we didn't . .. we made a last minute decision to head to my parents house despite some minor fevers (we thought were minor) but I had to make food, pack, load up and we had to stop at the store for the last of the Christmas shopping and to pick up Nate's birthday cake finally.  By the time we got to my parents, Nate and Josh were both running fevers again and didn't move from their chairs . .. at least they slept the entire trip so I had some peace and quiet as I tried to not cough up a lung :-/ 

5. On Friday-Sunday, we should have been enjoying some great time with my brothers family too but we didn't . .. instead we left Friday evening to come home in order to get the boys into the doctor Saturday morning because they were both so sick. . . .and they were.  They both had double ear infections, asthmatic bronchitis and Nate had scarlet fever. Throw in a round of asthmatic bronchitis for me and yes, we were really sick. 

We've spent the last week coughing up lungs (for real - poor Nate pukes every time he starts coughing), resting, and trying to enjoy a week without school.  I can honestly say that as of Saturday evening, my kids are almost back to normal.  How do I know?  They ate.  McDonald's breakfast, snacks, Mac and Cheese and 3 servings of spaghetti EACH!  Holy cow!

So, now, our Christmas break did not go as planned but, we did have a great Christmas and were blessed beyond measure.  We are all slowly getting healthy and football playoffs have started.  Life is still good.