Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!

I really love finding ideas to share.  I was getting a little depressed there for a few weeks when it seemed like the ideas were just not there.  Well, I have found some more inspirationg this week!

This first idea from I am momma, hear me roar is more of a concept then the idea.  When I first started blogging I read about Freezer Paper Stenciling but never had a good tutorial.  This one is great and offers links to past posts that can also help you out the first time around.
I was so stumped this spring on what to do for any type of decoration - this idea is perfect from Shaken Together .  To make it better, I already have the painted Jars from my nieces bridal shower that I could use. 
These next two ideas are both from Craftomaniac and would be great for upcoming summer BBQ's and holiday parties.  I'm throwing a little shin-dig Memorial day weekend for the fam so maybe I'll have to whip these together for some decor :-)

I love fresh flowers in the summer so when I saw this simple vase idea from Uncommon I wanted to save it - I'd love to have a couple of these on my dining room table with some simple stems of flowers (Ok, maybe I'd buy some nice fake flowers since real flowers get pricey HA)

We have a camping trip planned this summer so when I saw this idea from Come Together Kids I knew I had to add it to our list :-)  These would be so good and easier then trying to get the kids to eat smores :-)
Now that I've taken my camera to a big wedding AND on vacation, I understand the NEED for a fabric camera strap - the strap that comes with the camera is so uncomfortable!  I thought about just buying one from Etsy but then I saw this fairly easy tutorial from The Pinterest Project I knew it was something that I could actually make myself. 

Another cute idea from The Pinterest Project is adorable Beach Towel Robe.  This picture is just a teaser - I didn't want to grab the photo with the Robe being modeled by someone's sweet baby because . . .she was too adorably :-)  You'll have to clink on the link to actually see the finished robe!
One last idea from The Pinterest Project (can you tell I spent some time stalking searching this blog for ideas? )  My two year old loves dino's right now so when I saw this cute idea, I wanted to post it.  I'm hoping to make one of these for both boys by the time we go camping :-)
I have not done a Homeschool Haven post in awhile because I haven't seen a ton of ideas.  When I saw this idea I wanted to go ahead and post it here!  This idea comes from Sew Fantastic and makes a great rainy day activity or a busy bag activity.

Ok, when I saw this idea from Neverland Nook I was so excited because of the whole fruit in an ice cream cone idea.  Before I even read the tutorial I thought of things like dip inside the cone or maybe some cake with cool whip and fruit . .. so imagine my disappointment when I read that there are just cupcake liners inside the cone to keep it from getting soggy.  They are just "displays" for some fruit.  They are still cute though!

After our recent trip, I realized how wonderful "Busy Bags" are but also saw now nice it would be to have the bags be a little further apart :-)  Creating My Way to Success shares a very detailed tutorial on how to create a car organizer. 

As you know, I recently finished phase one of my kitchen.  I love this simple storage idea from Classy Clutter and think it needs to go on my "must make" list - I have room between the fridge and cabinets to slip something this this and it would really help with storage!

I'm working on summer plans for the kids with the goal of trying to do something special and/or educational every day so when I saw these cute cakes from Back 4 Seconds I had to post it here so I don't forget about them!

I love weeks like this :-)  So many great ideas!!