Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teaching Tuesday - Summer "School" Style

This was our first official week of our Summer "School" plan and it pretty well.  We did some seat work a few days and then a project.  Not to mention PE (also known as T-Ball).  I even have a fantastic bruise where I took a bat to the arm while helping the boys work on their batting skills.  (Good thing we were just using a cheap plastic bat or I might actually be in a cast HA)

 One of my main goals with our summer school concept is to review items like sight words, phonics, and math.  I went through and searched out various packets of Kindergarten review worksheets and put together packets for each week.  Confessions of a Homeschooler has some great sight word worksheets and then I found a couple of complete packs of review info at Teachers Pay Teachers.  At first I tried to find all free worksheets but, honestly, paying about $8.50 for a complete pack of worksheets that takes us through the summer was well worth the time I saved.  The nice thing is that as we continue through the summer the boys will know what to do on each worksheet and won't need much direction. 
 Most of the sight words are review from this past year but we are putting them up on our wall for a visual each day. 
 This little book came in one of the packets I purchased so the boys cut out their pages and then we read the book together.
 Josh's flower that he made using patterns of color.

 Nate wanted to make a daisy - he did a great job.  This flower idea came from Mess for Less.  It was a perfect craft for my boys because it was simple and quick. 

I love the creativity my kids are starting to show.  One day last week, Josh came inside to get glue and paper.  Then, he gathered Nate and the Munchkin and instructed them to make a nature craft (we did this last year while camping).  The boys had to gather sticks, rocks, dirt, and flowers to glue on their papers.  Also, Nate learned how to make paper fans form a cartoon he was watching so then, he gathered us all at the table and taught us how to make one.  We had to color our paper and then "fold and flip" to make our fan.