Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Goals

I have to confess; on my blogging calender where I write down each month ideas for posts I want to do, I had planned to have this post up the last week of the year as well as some of my other goal related posts but I kinda forgot about all of the Christmas related posts and New Years Post so these have all gotten pushed ahead a week :-) 

By this point, you have seen my Theme word for the year, which is "Celebrate".  With that in mind, I have created my goal sheet for 2012.  This is where I break down all of those ideas from my Theme Word and write out a few goals for the month as well as any additional misc goals I have that don't fit into the theme.  I generally try to do this the last week of the month for the upcoming month so that I can see what I have completed and what needs to carry over.   If you read my Theme Word post, you will find some of these categories very familier!  They are all related to the lists of areas I wanted to work on this year. 

I've posted my January Goal sheet below.  A couple of items of clarification - I have a diffferant sheet where I plug in links to projects/pinterest ideas I want to make so I don't have to look for them again.  The links wouldn't fit on this sheet and allow me to keep it to one page.  Also, I referance The Happiness Project  - if you recall, I started reading that book awhile ago and have decided to try and focus on one area each month - areas that cause me stress right now that would bring happiness if I could take care of them.  I am NOT going to post about those areas specifically.  I will tell you that this months area is "Discpline".  I have several areas that I want to work on and be more discplined in and I feel if I can conquer those area this month, I'll have the ground work I need to carry on through the coming months. We'll see :-)    My goal is that on the 1st of each month (or within the first week) I will post about my goals - I will update the previous months sheet with info on what was completed and also post the next months goal sheet. 

January 2012 – Goals

Our Mantel
Holiday Celebrations
Date Night
1.      Decorate our “Mantel” (Table and Top of Fridge)
2.     Theme: January – snowmen
1.      Attend Zehnder’s Snowfest ( )  January 28th.
2.     Family:  Mail out Jeff and Nora’s Card; Kate’s Card; Catch up on Micah and Brittany from 2011
3.     Plan half-birthday idea for our family and make birthday board idea
1.      Rachel’s Wedding – Friday is the rehearsal; staying overnight; Saturday – just us until the wedding then dinner is at the wedding
Daily Something Special
Pinterest Goals
Too Cute Ideas
1.      Plan one Special Activity each day based on the “Winter” theme
2.     Put together January binder for this year and future years
1.      Make 52 Reasons Why I love You Cards
2.     Make Canvas Silhouettes’ – to use as d├ęcor in the boys room
3.     Make 4 recipes (see goal list)
4.     Make Magnetic Marbles to use on magnet pages and for practicing letters
1.      Make Birthday Board (goes along with Holiday Celebrations)
2.     Finish up Clipboards
3.     Finish up growth Chart
4.     Make Ideas on February decoration list (there is a list of 9 items – so approx 2 a week)
Quiet Book
Celebrate Me
Misc Items to Complete
1.      Make 2 pages for each of the boys quiet books
1.      Doing Happiness Project – main goal is discipline in exercise, devotions and getting up in the morning
1.      Research how to best sell Micah’s books and then do it
2.     Make Scrapbooking goal for 2012
3.     Begin work on ideas for February – create binder starting now with ideas I find and Plan ideas for week of Valentines and Valentine’s day.
House Project

1.      Make a list of house projects to do – one each month
2.     Paint the kitchen:  This is my project – need to prime and then paint
3.     Begin the big room switch by ripping out the carpet and painting (a weekend project )
1.      Pick one or two weekends for camping and reserve ASAP
2.     Make a budget idea for our plan to go to Ohio