Monday, March 7, 2016

52 Week Photo Challenge

This month's challenge photos presented some . . .challenge's!  I've had to do some research on line to even figure out how to complete the photos but I'm happy with what I accomplished this month.

 Week 5:  Black and White.  This is a photo down the main street of our town.  I'm thinking of turning this one into a print to hang in our home.
 Week 6: Faceless.  This little princess loves to be outside so catching her with the sun reflecting off of her hair as she longed to be outside was perfect.
 Week 7: Candy.  Thankfully this fell on Valentines week :-)
 Week 8: Panoramic.  So this is a week that I learned a lot about my camera.  For example, my big camera doesn't not have a "panoramic" feature but, rather, you have to take a series of photos and then stitch them together in editing software (which I don't really have) so instead, I took this photo with my phone. 
Week 9: Shadows.  I love this simple shot. 

This next month is going to bring on some more challenges but I'm hoping to learn more stuff!