Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Last Christmas Party

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas with my husband's family.  Originally, everyone was set to gather back on a Saturday in December at the Nursing Home where Darryl's grandma lives, as we do every year.  Well, as you may recall, I was extremely ill which meant we had to cancel. (Taking sickness to a nursing home is not such a great idea!).  On Saturday everyone gathered at my Mother-in-laws house for a great dinner and gifts for the boys. 

 My Mother-in-law and her husband live on a lake - this is the view out their living room "wall of windows".  I just love it. 
 Charlie (aka Grandpa) does a lot of amazing things with wood carving and wood burning.  The boys were all working on a puzzle that he had made.
 Nate was really into working on it - this was the second time putting the puzzle together with Grandpa.
 Josh asked me to take his photo - love that smile!!
 This photo is so much fun!  Notice Tommy the cat on the couch?  We cat sit him a few times a year and love him!! The binoculars are from the toy bin (since only one side works) and Josh loved them.  We showed him how to look through them the wrong way because they he could actually see things.
 Then it was time for gifts.  Nate wouldn't open any gift until we took his photo.  It made me laugh because at our previous Christmas "days", Josh was the one that would make Nate wait until he took his picture.  I guess now, Nate expects it every time.
 I guess this one should have been posted above :-) 

 Josh waiting for his picture to be taken before opening his gift.  It was kinda funny because the first time he did this, he smiled for me, then my MIL said, "This way Josh" and took his photo.  Then Darryl and Charlie each said "look this way" and he did but they just said hello.  The next time, first he looked at me and smiled, then one at time he looked at my MIL, Darryl and Charlie and each time said, "Now you and you and you" hahahaha. 

My MIL made a fantastic meal with Chicken (raised by my sister-in-law), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and stuffing plus more :-) 

It was such a fun, relaxing day with the family.