Sunday, March 30, 2014

Things My Kids Say

* So I have a routine right now that after all the kids are here/up and have their breakfast, I lay down on my bed for some "quiet time" before the rush of the day.  The kids know I do it; I can hear them; they can come and get me and ask me for anything they need so it is not a big deal.  Well, Darryl was home one day last week and asked Josh were I was.  Josh replied, "She is sleeping.  She sleeps in the morning and in the afternoon while we just play.".  For real?  I lay on my bed for one hour and don't sleep - I just read, read my Bible passage for the day and even pray sometimes. As far as the afternoon, during nap time when the other kids are napping, I usually will sick on my (wonderful new) sofa from about 2-3 pm and relax.  Usually I read, sometimes, yes, I kick back and close my eyes for a few.  BUT Josh's perception made me laugh out.

* Josh had the flu this week.  He was most excited to learn that four of his cousins ALSO were sick at ALMOST the exact time as him. He found it very interesting that so many kids could puke with minutes of each other yet not be in the same house HA!

* Nate loves to "Rhine" words.  (Rhyme). 

* Josh came out of his room one night to tell me a joke which was, "I Puked on my bed - Just joking".  Now, why is that funny?  Because he DID puke in his bed.  Twice. Recently.