Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Too Cute Not To Toot

The first idea comes from Two Little Banshees and is a great artwork piece.
My kids have seen some seatbelt "critters" on TV and "want them".  I feel bad for them when they fall asleep in the car and their heads roll around . .. . this idea from Simple Dimples might be just perfect.
I'm planning to start going to the library on the Wednesday's that Darryl works so we need library bags.  I love this simple idea from Literacy Launchpad.
One of the ideas I want to do in my laundry room is putting up favorite photos and just building a huge wall of photos.  How great would it be for a kid to go into the laundry room - a room no one else sees - and find it covered with their photos?  Well, I love this simple (and inexpensive) idea from literally inspired.
One last idea for this week - I'm always looking for creative storage especially for the boys room.  I love this idea from Upcycle 101 for putting a crate on wheels.
Happy Crafting!