Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tree Tradition

On Saturday, we made the long trek and cut down our Christmas Tree.  Yes, we are one of those traditionalists - we cut down a live tree and enjoy it for the entire season.  It is something that both my husband and I did growing up and we have always enjoyed doing it with our family - first, just the two of us and now with our kids.  Our day was a little unsure at first - both boys have been ill this week and this morning, Josh was still running a fever of 102.  We gave him some more Motrin and finally, 30 minutes later, his temp was back to normal after more then 24 hours.  Poor little guy!  Plus Nate is recovering from Bronchitis and a Sinus Infection but seems to be improving as well.  It wasn't getting the tree that was our concern but rather, the boys have been very excited to go to Papa and Nana's today and we did not want to disappoint.  Once we knew the fever was finally under control, we loaded up and headed out to Uncle Charlie's Tree Farm - the same place we've gone for years.  The great thing is that there was even snow at the tree farm so it make it seem more like Christmas (we do not have snow but there was almost a foot of snow 40 minutes away!) It was also pretty muddy - the boys didn't mind the snow or the mud!

 Josh wanted to help his dad pull the tree wagon.  He loved being able to walk around and look for the tree and he loved the snow!
 Darryl, Josh, and Nate looking for the perfect ree, stomping through the snow. 
 The boys - deciding if this is the perfect tree for us!!
 Don't you just love that giant smile - so glad he was feeling better!!!
 Nate didn't want to stand still - he loved his independence and just wanted to walk around.
 Cutting down the perfect tree - the boys enjoyed watching and were very interested in what their dad was doing.

 My man and the tree!!! :-)

 Darryl, Josh and Nate standing by our freshly cut tree.
 Josh, Nate and Me (Mommy!) standing by . . .a random tree because Josh wanted to stand by that tree HA!

After loading up the tree, we met my parents and they took the kids home for the weekend.  Darryl and I then heading to a great restaurant called "Duke's".  It is a Local Cajun restaurant and we love ordering 3 different appetizers (and Darryl gets a bowl of Gumbo!) This is something we've been doing for years!!  After getting home, Darryl set the tree up and worked on getting the lights on so we could decorate it.  I really love the tree (granted we both thought it was taller when we picked it . . .).  My mom had some extra decorations that she isn't using this year, including some fantastic white snowflake lights and they add so much to tree.  Plus she had some red and white bulbs that we used too.  We have lots of special ornaments that we use but I like having a central theme (red and white this year) to kinda ground the tree.  Finally, while we decorate, we also watch the movie "Home Alone" and enjoy lots of snacks!

Such a fun day!!  We had one minor issue . . .China, our dog, got a hold of a toothpick (we had bacon wrapped sausages . . and apparently she found a toothpick on the floor) and it snapped off in her mouth.  We thought she was choking or was having a seizure or something but then I found that broken toothpick.  We called our Vet, but he is out of town and the doctor covering for him wasn't super helpful but by the time I got off the phone, it looked like she was settling down so maybe that piece worked it's way out.  One "plus" - she already had a Vet appointment scheduled on Monday morning so I'm sure the vet will check it out :-)

We still have to decorate outside - it was raining all afternoon so we didn't get it done on Saturday so we hope to get it done today.  I'd love to have TONS of lights and decorations - we'll see what I can get done and then can build it up over the next few years :-)

Merry Christmas!