Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Summer Plans

A few weeks ago I took time to lay out a summer plan.  I went through all of the events I had saved on Facebook, searched some of our other favorite things, and used a list a friend made of ideas to come up with a tentative plan.
Using some printable calendars, I wrote done things that are for sure like camping dates and a trip for a wedding.  Throw in Vacation Bible School Dates, some crafts I'm hoping to include this summer and some other fun play things and the summer is full.  

Now, lets keep it real.  Not everything will happen - weather, time, and even interest may change some events but if you fail to plan guess what?  You plan to fail . . or at least you will miss things you had hoped to do!  I try to find as many free things as possible in order to make it easier to do things and the things that cost money, I try to keep as cheap as possible!  My big "splurge" of the summer (an Art Camp for the boys) has already been wiped off the calendar because she changed the times of the camp which no longer works for us.  In the end it's ok because I was sure I could pull that one off HA!  There is a kids Volleyball "camp" (1 1/2 hours a day for three days) that is a great price that I am hoping to send the boys too - Voleeyball is a great skill to learn since it's played at so many church camps and in youthgroups!  

Finally, I took my calender and I looked at week one (which is this week!) and made a daily plan.  This keeps me on track throughout the week of what I'd like to do.  I can always shift things if a certain day is going to be rainy and I can always call a "just stay home day" too.  What isn't always listed is swimming at the pool - the boys and I like to go almost every day but sometimes we will go in the evenings and some days we'll take our friends and go during the day. 

Hopefully I can share our plan, what we actually do, and, of course, some photos along the way.