Friday, July 29, 2016

Weekly Menu - It's time to camp again!

Camping just keeps sneaking up on me this year.  Once again, we are getting ready to head out to camping and I had to work on keeping the budget under control yet providing our meals and snacks for camping.  As is always the case when we camp, I focus mostly on our camping menu and the rest of the week we will either eat leftovers or I'll work on putting meals together based on what is in the fridge/freezer/cupboards.

Friday - Chicken Florintine Pasta, and bread

Saturday - Bernie O's Pizza!  This is our all time favorite pizza place and we are so looking forward to getting to enjoy it's wonderful goodness.

Sunday - Hobo Pies.  Last time we camped, I made cinnamon rolls in the Pie Irons and we loved them.  So, this time I thought  it would be fun to make some dinner pies.  Pizza, or Cuban or Monte Cristo's. 

Monday - Steak Kabobs, Crock-Pot Cheesy Potatoes, Fried Zucchini and Mac and Cheese

Tuesday - Chicken Quasidillas, Chips and Cheese, Mexican Rice

Wednesday and Thursday - Leftovers :-)

I'm trying to keep our camp meals simple to limit my work on both cooking and clean-up.  I am still debating our lunches as I know we end up eating out sometimes depending on what we are doing.  The good thing is that we have a favorite little grocery store just a few miles from the campground so I might just pick up what we need each day so we don't have to try and store so much food.