Saturday, October 31, 2015

Family Fun - The Start of a Birthday Week

We recently celebrated Josh's 7th birthday and we had a weeks worth of fun to do so.  It started with a visit to Papa and Nana's and, a special treat was that Aunt Lynnette, Braedon, Seth and Kate were there too!

 A week before this little party, Nana called and asked Josh what he wanted for his birthday lunch.  He requested Spaghetti, Watermelon, and an Orange cake.  Needless to say, Nana delivered!  That is one happy boy!
 He loved his cake - especially those Minion gummies.

 Sheer joy! 
 You might notice that he is shirtless.  That is the norm.  Josh told me that next year, I can just buy him two church shirts and no other shirts because he doesn't wear them anyway.  Seriously, I've started carrying an extra shirt in the truck because more than once we have arrived somewhere with a bare-chested Josh HA!

 Our attempt at a serious picture with Nana HA!

 Kate  . . with Josh and Nate who think she hung the moon.  They. love. her. 
Braedon and Seth are pretty high on the list too.  Breadon played hide-n-seek, cars and blocks with the boys - it was awesome. 

We had a great weekend . . .I'll share more next week!