Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Books To Read

This is the stack of books that is currently staring me "in the face".  I pulled together books from years past that I had ordered and planned to read but either never got to or started and never finished.  As much as I love my Kindle/ebooks because those books take up less space, I have found that some books are better read the "old fashioned way" if you want to actually learn from them.  These books are only "learning" books - books about things to help me become a better person.  This doesn't even include the list of fun reading books I'd like to get to! 

I've created a Pinterest Board to attempt to track the books I read throughout this year.  I've found that without my rows of bookcases and all of my books in alphabetical order by author, I tend to forget what I've read.  The board is a great way to be able to look back and see what I loved, what I didn't and even what authors I've enjoyed.  It's also a great way to track a series too. 

So, what are some of the books in that stack?

1. One not in the pile is "Longing for Paris. I've started this one and am already enjoying it.

2. Stripped by Lina AbuJamra.  This is a book written by a long time friend of mine.  She also has a new book out, Resolved, that is on my list to purchase.
3. Taming the To Do List.  I've had this one for awhile and, as a person who is always writing to do lists, I'm hoping to game some control over the need to always have that list!
Those are just a few in that stack.  I love to read but I also find that I let other stuff get in the way of my reading.  My plan is to spend more time reading this summer.  Maybe while accomplishing some of those items on our summer bucket list from yesterdays post -  I can read while the kids play!