Friday, October 19, 2012

Food Friday - Roasted Zucchini and Carrots

Roasted Zucchini and Carrots
adapted from voracious vander

There is nothing better than fresh vegetables (verses frozen or canned) but trying to find good recipes is hard!  We have become huge fans of roasted veggies and this recipe is fantastic AND easy!  Even my kids, on good days, will eat the carrots because they are soft (verses hard raw carrots). 

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to making some shockingly delightful savory treats that you can feel awesome about.
1. Preheat oven to 220 C/425 F
2. Cut your veg into 8-cm/3-inch sticks, making sure they are even in thickness.
3. Line a baking tray with baking paper and a light layer of olive oil.
4. SEASON – go with the usual salt&pepper and branch out to one or two of the following (Choose Your Own Adventure-style): paprika, cumin, cayenne, crushed red peppers, thyme, rosemary, sage – really, whatever takes your fancy and suits your meal. Using premixed spice blends is a great option too – Italian, Mexican, Old Bay – you know, just not all at once.
(Today I used salt&pepper - that's it and it's what we love!)
Lightly toss your vegetable batons with a tablespoon or so of olive oil (not too much) and the herbs and spices.
5. Spread your seasoned veg over your lined tray and roast, tossing halfway through, for about 20 minutes or until golden and slightly browned at the edges.

I told you this was easy :-)  For the record,quite often, I cook these at 400 degree so I can cook something else at the same time.  They are still perfectly done in about 20 minutes.