Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kids and Camping!

What to do with kids while you are camping?  That is the question that I faced this year as we prep for some future camping trips.  Sure, I love to sit by the fire or sit in the shade and read my book . . .in between naps but my kids need a little more activity.

I came across a great site on Pinterest called Leading Them to the Rock and was thrilled with the ideas that she shared.

Here are my ideas:

Beach Fun - the boys love the beach so we have new beach toys, squirt guns, and sand castle building supplies.  Throw in some towels, beach chairs and a beach umbrella (for all day fun) and life is good.  This stuff all goes into one big bag so that it is ready to grab and go to the beach. 

Items I gleaned from the post above:
1. Wooden blocks - my boys love to build so throwing in some blocks to use in the sand/dirt is a great idea.  Add in some Matchbox cars and dinosaurs and life is good.

2.  Bubbles and more bubbles - who doesn't love bubbles? 

3. Clipboards, paper, crayons and pencils.  For drawing and for doing leaf tracing or other fun things.

4  Searches - lists to go on scavenger hunts to see what we can find for fun.  Also, picking up maps at the guard station  . .. the boys can write on them and just "use them up" since we can always get more!

5. Squirt guns and a bucket.  Especially on a hot day - we can all have fun with some water :-)

6. Buckets and bug collection kits - Last year my boys collected acrons and we had no where to put them so this year we will have buckets with lids, a place to put bugs and anything else they find.

This year we are not taking bikes.  My boys have just learned to pedal but I don't want to have to watch them at every moment on the road.  Hopefully next year they will be better on bikes and we can pick a campsite where they can ride a little easier. 

As the boys grow, our list of things will change . .. balls, gloves, frisbees, and more.  :-)

Do you have fun activities you do with your kids while camping? Feel free to share!