Thursday, May 31, 2018

Our Week (or maybe month) in photos #39

It's been awhile!  It's time to do a little catch up before we get our full summer into swing!

 The last time I posted we had endured an April Ice Storm.  Well, one week later the boys got the hose out and played in the water because it was so warm! 
 On Wednesday, April 25th, the boys had their AWANA awards night.  They started with a pizza party and then a game. Josh is waiting to start.
 I never realize how tall my kids are until I notice that Nate is the tallest kid in line HA! 

 Nate receiving his special awards.  He finished his book, reviewed his book, finished another book and started the 3rd grade book for next year.  He has set a goal of completing 6 books in the next age group (over 4 years) in order to get the highest award. 
 Josh getting his awards.  He finished his book and also finished all of the silver sections in his book which was a pretty big deal.

 Next up came my birthday.  On April 27th we met my mom at my favorite Mexican Restaurant.  They do birthdays right - with a huge sombrero, whipped cream on the face and deep fired tortillas with cream HA! 
 The boys picked out some great gifts and got me balloons too. 
 Darryl and I spent Saturday out celebrating my day!  We started with a great Breakfast at a place called Wolfgangs.  Then went to a discount craft store.  We visited a great cupcake bakery and le bon Macaron for Macron's :-) Yummy!

 Finally we drove to the lakeshore because, well, I love it.  The wind was wicked!!  We sat in the truck because it was like getting sand blasted to step outside but it was still so beautiful.  We enjoyed our fabulous cupcakes while watching the waves. 
 And then. . . our well quit.  This happened on Tuesday, May 1st and it would take over a week to get it back on.  I have more photos somewhere but they aren't uploaded yet.  This was a true trial - not only did we have no water due to no well; we lost power on Friday of the same week due to a wind storm which delayed our well repair until the following week!  Thankfully our neighbors let us hook to their water AND their power so we weren't totally without!
 Hello kitty :-)  We love this cat!
 On Mother's day the boys made me breakfast all on their own.  It was fabulous.  They also got me some great gifts (Flowers and jewelry) before we headed to my mother-in-laws for the day.
 On Monday, May 21st we had a family day out.  We started with lunch at Pizza Ranch followed by the afternoon at Catch Air.  Nate had wanted to go to Catch Air for his birthday in December but he was fighting that awful cough and couldn't run around so we finally made it up! 

 Breakfast outside on the picnic table is always a good sign that summer is coming!
 We got to celebrate my mom's birthday with her with dinner, gifts and . . .the first swim in the pool of the summer!!!
My mom brought this chair to me and the cat claimed it HA!  He loves sitting on it and watching out the window!! 

I realized that I didn't take too many photos in May!  It was a pretty quiet month event wise - we were too busy with well problems and lost power I think!