Monday, January 30, 2012

Recapping my January Goals

At the beginning of January, I posted my Goals for the month (and yes, it was a funky post because I tried adding my spreadsheet into the post and well, it only kinda worked!)  I wanted to take time to recap those goals and let you know what I actually accomplished.  I am the first person to tell you that I know that I will mostly likely not complete every goal I plan but I try to work towards completing them; you know, just make progress. 

Here's the low down, real life truth:

1. Our Mantel: We do not have a true mantel but my goal for January was two fold.  1)To pick some place to do a little decorating each month for the holiday/season and 2)To decorate it for January using snowmen.  Well this one gets a great big Check for being done!  I decided to use our dining room table and the top of our refrigerator as our "mantel".  The refrigerator because it is what you see when you walk in the house and the table because, obviously, we eat there and can see the decorations.  Here are a few photos of what I did for January:
 I love these snowman and I love that I can keep them out from Christmas through January :-)  I'm also trying to use table clothes again - I love them and now the boys won't pull them off like they used to! 

2) Holiday Celebrations:  One of my goals was to get some cards out on time.  Well, I totally missed one anniversary and my niece's birthday was Friday and her card just went out today.   I had planned to head to Frankenmuth to see the Ice Sculptures but those plans didn't pan out so instead we spent some family time on Saturday the 28th.  Finally, we've decided to celebrate half-birthdays so I've been working the basics of those ideas (these will just be with our little family of 4 for something fun to do!) and also a birthday board to use for the real birthdays :-)

3) Date Night: This was an easy one this month - we went away for the weekend to our niece's wedding :-)  We had planned to stay over on Friday night thanks to points my husband had used and ended up staying a second night due to the awful weather conditions! 

4) Daily Something Special: Does having good intentions count?  I did create my January binder and printed off some great ideas.  I also make a calender with what I wanted to do and put everything in order.  We did a few things like baked some cookies and colored but then. . .well, that was it HA!  We still have some things I would like to do but those might now carry over into February :-)

5) Pinterest Challenge: Check back tomorrow (Tuesday) and you will see the updates on this part of my goals!

6) Too Cute Ideas: 1) I made lots of ideas for February decorations but you will have to wait to see those - I'll be doing some crafty posts over the next couple of weeks! 2)  I did not create the birthday board but I did make my notes on what to do!  3) I finished up the clip boards this past weekend as well as the growth chart.

7) Quiet Books: No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get these going!  I'll try again in February :-)

8) Celebrate Me: Crash and burn on this one :-)  Lets try for round 2 in February. 

9) Misc Items: I finally brought my nephews books inside this past weekend . . .I still need to research the best ways to list them and sell them.  I did write out my scrapbooking goal (and am already ahead!!) but I have not started the February binder as of yet!

10) House Projects:  I did make a list of house projects and even wrote a post about it.  That is as far as I got. . . I did not paint the kitchen . . . and we cancelled the big room switch.  We are all staying put!

11) Vacation/Camping - We haven't secured any dates or set anything in stone yet but I have done some beginning stages of planning.

I FELT like I got a lot more done then it appears . . .I think I need to be a little more specific in February HA!