Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving . . . that spring is in the air.  Rumor has it we'll hit 70 this weekend (even if it for just a day!)

I'm loving . . . my new devotional book "The Power of a Positive Mom" - you can read my post HERE.

I'm loving . . . That I finished my first quilt - one of my 40x40 projects :-)

I'm Loving . . . that Bed Bath and Beyond carries TONS of flavors for my Tassimo coffee maker (as I enjoy a new Chi Tea!)  

I'm loving  . . . this song by Mandisa!  Enjoy (and be sure to pause my player below!)

What are you loving today?

Weekly Devotions - The Power of a Postive Mom

This book, The Power of a Positive Mom, by Karol Ladd is what I am using as my current devotional book and I wanted to take time each week and share some of the things that I learn.  I am doing this as an on-line book study with The Homeschool Village.  One of the things I've discovered while reading blogs is great ways to learn and encourage.  I was so glad to come across this as my current study in James is coming to an end.  I was already doing some reading to pick a new book on another topic but, this popped up!  (I was going to do that topic starting back in January too but than the James study happened so I guess that study is just not to be as of yet!)

Each chapter is written with a "Power Point" at the end - the Power point provides some scripture to read, memorize, and ponder; there is also a challenge given in order to apply what was just read.  There are 7 principles that will be studied - each one encompassing 2-3 chapters.  I'm excited about this study and really hope to learn a lot!

The first challenge given was to write a Job Description.  Throughout the first chapter the author hits on all of the different job "titles" a mom holds - both those that can have a salary attached like accountant, nurse, and chauffeur and those that are priceless, like the kisser of booboo's, telling stories at bedtime and providing warm cookies for a snack.  She also starts right off putting some common myths to rest about mothers.  So, in trying to come up with a job description, it needs to include all of your responsibilities - have fun with it!  Here is one example (I'm still working on mine!) :

Investor of Human Resources

Encourages and instructs all clients as to the best use of their time, gifts, and talents.  Invests love, care, strength, and tears into all clints' accounts.  Drives to most locations.  Attends all performances and events in which clients are participating.  Provides for basic needs of food, clothing and clean house.  Irons occasionally, upon request.

A couple of scriptures to review - Psalm 34 and Collossians 3:17. 
Finally Choose to view your role in motherhood as a highly significant investment of my time and energy.

The second challenge given is to write a mission statement, after all, all great organizations have mission statements, right?  I'm still working on mine but love the concept.

Why are these two things important - a job description and a mission statement - you might wonder?  Simply to give purpose to what a mom does every day.  A mom is often asked "What do you do?" and you know as well as I do that people are expecting something like "Customer Service Rep, or Office Manager" yet when someone says "I'm a mom". . . .it seems so plain!  But it is anything but that!  If you are a mom trying to figure out your purpose - take time to read this book.  You can check out insights from this weeks reading at The Homeschool Village

* This book is written to all moms - stay at home and those that work outside the home.  With that said, though, even though the author talks about "running home from your job", I do read it more as a stay at home mom type of book.  I think if I had read this while working, it wouldn't have applied or may have made me feel a little sad.  Just my little humble opinion!