Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Teaching Tuesdays - The Countdown to May

We had a really great week last week despite a little shake-up to our schedule. The munchkin ended up without school on Monday due to ice cold temps and Darryl ended up home at about 9:30AM because his cab broke down.  We still had to do school though.  Then, on Tuesday, the munchkin was off again on a schedule day off but we still had to do school :-)  Why?  Because we had to take Thursday off for doctor appointments!  The boys did great though and powered through despite lots of disctraction.  Josh finished his Math book this past week so now we are filling in with supplemental stuff for awhile.

 A few weeks ago I mentioned that we went to Baker Bookhouse.  I picked up this devotional book that we have been reading every night since.  I grew up with my dad reading "Leading Little Ones to God" so I was excited to find something to share with my kids.  I love that the stories are current and always relate back to scripture.  So this may not be actual school related but it is something we are learning.

 Why, yes, the boys sometimes go shirtless even in the middle of winter. 
Or, just wear PJ's all day long since no one can go outside anyway.

 As we work towards the end of the year, Nate is starting to hit a lot of review and one of those items is this great flashcard review.  It comes from Confessions of a Homeschooler and is part of her K-4 program that I purchased last year.  We use small manipulative to help with the addition.  Josh is also using this for review as well which makes it a great tool to use throughout the week.
 Josh reading another book for his Phonics lesson.  It impresses me to see how he is able to sound out each of the words and figure out the story.
 Nate working on his flashcards.  He is my bouncy kid so keeping him moving is very important.

 We are also working on Time.  This is something we started at the beginning of the school year but I put it away as it seemed the boys were working hard on just learning the new concepts being presented.  This has worked out perfectly because both boys have either finished their math (Josh) or almost finished it (Nate). 
 Nate continues to work on cutting and gluing - he has improved tremendously throughout the year - it seems like a little thing but those fine motor skills are so important. 
 Josh loved working with the flashcards for some simple review.  Really, he just loves doing what Nate does so I try to give him that freedom once his regular work is done. 
About a year or so ago, I found these letter searches over at 123 Homeschool 4 Me and printed them off.  I never used them at the time but pulled them out to use for review these last few weeks of school with Nate.