Wednesday, February 27, 2013

March Goals

Check my February goals HERE

So, I learned an important lesson this month that is two-fold.  1) Don't wait until mid month to post your goals on your blog and 2) Don't forget to print them so they are in your face.  Surprisingly I did get more done then I thought I did but several of the items totally fell off my radar!  Quite a few of those items will be showing up again!

1. Work on Landscaping/yard design plan - FOR REAL!  Spring is coming!!
2.  Get that darn coat rack!!!
3. Continue to save to paint the house - the goal is to start this project in early May In process
4. Get an estimate on replacing the front porch and doors Estimate done; on course to do project this spring
5. Get an estimate on what it will cost to redo the kitchen counter tops
6. Get an estimate on putting in the garage door opener Estimate done; this will be done soon!

1. Continue the Diaper Boys challenge
2. Complete Lessons with the boys - the goal in March is to finally finish Letter C and D plus do a review week over the first 4 letters.  I'd like to get to letter E . . .we'll see!
3. March Weather is always crazy - so depending on the Weather we would like to start taking walks and maybe start geocaching. It is still winter here . .. we've played outside on a few nice days but it is not walking weather yet!
4. Make one thing related to the birthday board!
5. Put into motion the chore chart
6. Sign the boys up for an activity depending on what is available

1. Scrapbooking - I have one scrapbooking event to go to this month - just a 6 hour crop- so my over all goal this month is to finish October and November 2012 (November was a very small photo month!) and also complete the boys 1st year baby books. Josh's is basically done and Nate's is about 70% done.  I'd just like them both 100% done!
2. Get Earbuds for the m3 player :-)
3. Increase my steps - 8000 steps a day!
4. Read a book on my topic study
5. Begin Memorizing "The Sermon on the Mount"
6. Learn to Play 2 piano songs
7. Work on healthy lunches My goal is to find a 4 week rotation - Week 1 - Tomato Soup, Laughing Cow Cheese/Crackers and Fruit; Week 2-  Tuna fish on a bed of lettuce, crackers, veggies/dip; Week 3 - A Homemade soup and crackers w/fruit (I.e. Meatball soup, Broccoli Soup); Week 4 - Salad.  Either a lettuce salad, egg-salad, a chicken pasta salad along with fruit and crackers
8. This is the month I'm going on a snack strike at night.
9. Take care of my feet for this month - get them ready for summer and sandles

1. Get Dental Insurance
2. Begin "A word a day"
3. Have a movie night with the Hubs.
4. Plan April's budget before April 1st.
5. Pay $25.00 towards the balance on our truck
6. Subscribe to the Sentinel

1. Plan Metrobeach trip with a priceline hotel for overnight Done :-) (We stayed at my parents but did our yearly trip to the beach)
2. See LesMiserable (Think I might take myself to the movies while the kids are gone those few days)

1.Read "How to Photograph your baby and do it
2. Make a list of 100 things about me
3. MakeJohn Deere blanket for Nate
4.  Finish February's Pinterest Projects
5. Pick out 4 (or so) new projects

1. Finish the basement - the kids will be gone a few days this month so I already plan on using that time to finish this up.
3. Organize Recipes into several binders Done
2. Organize manuals into three ring binders
4. Organize our tax documents into a file box
5. Organize DVD's - need to order system from Amazon

1. Plan special activities for St Patricks Day Done
2. Plan special activities for Easter

Lots and Lots of thing to focus on this month.  I'm hoping to hit this stuff hard this month.  March is much less busy than February was so I'm hoping for much better success!