Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Father's Day Fun

We had a fabulous day for Father's Day and I pulled off some cute little surprises for my hubby. 

To begin with today, I cooked Darryl (and the rest of us) a wonderful brunch.
We had a ham and cheese quiche, cheesy hash browns, Cream Cheese danish, and Bananas.  I plan on sharing the recipes later this week.  They are all very yummy. 

I had worked all week on a great gift idea for Darryl - and it was perfect!  Check this out :

Yes, those are Hamburgers and French Fries . .. well, kinda :-)  They are made out of cupcakes, brownies, and sugar cookies!  The "4 pack" is filled with Darryl's favorite candy :-)  Wait . . see that rolled paper . . .THAT is his real gift!  (Don't worry, I'll share the "hows" of everything I made in a "Crafty Crafty" post on Tuesday!)

So what was his real gift?  How about this!!!
Sure thing!  Several months ago, I saved my pennies and was able to purchase tickets to see our local baseball team.  (It makes it nice when both kids get in free!!)  This was the first game for either of the boys and it was a lot of fun. 

We had such great seats and, to make things better, the family sitting next to us, left after 2 innings due to their little one needing a nap so we had 3 extra seats to spread out.  Both boys clapped when the crowd clapped and seemed to really enjoy the whole game.  We made it much further into the game then I ever thought they would - we managed to stick it out through 5 1/5 innings!  With a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old, I would say that is very good :-) 

Once we left the game, we went to Sonic for the first time ever!  It was fun going to the drive-in restaurant and, I have to say, that the drinks are great.  I got a Cherry Slushie and it was fantastic. 

It was a really fun day for all of us!

One last set of pictures that will be a new tradition for us on Father's day.

A friend of mine takes pictures of her girls every year wearing shirts of their dad.  It is so adorable to see how they grow each year.  I wanted to do this same thing with my boys (but I didn't think they would enjoy wearing a dress LOL) so we pulled out some shirts today and snapped a few photos.  Trying to get one of them together was not really in the cards but they posed for some individual shots.  It will be fun to compare pictures every year until those shirts finally fit!

Happy Father's Day!

The 21 Days of Prayer Challenge - Day 12 - Patience

This post is short and sweet again today - the challenge is to pray the 10 prayers in the chapter on Patience :-)

I pray that each of you is enjoying Father's day today!!