Thursday, December 23, 2010

Weekly Song - "I need a Silent Night"

Sunday, someone at my church sang this song, "I need a Silent Night" by Amy Grant.  I loved it when I first heard it last year but really haven't heard it much this year and had forgotten about it.  It is just such a great reminder of what we really need during the busy season.  I know that I planned for a less stressful holiday season but somehow, that didn't happen.  (I think I've talked about this a few times already) One thing I will be adding to next years planning list is this song - it will be my "theme" song that I think I'll listen to each morning to remind myself of what is really important!!

Scroll to the bottom of the blog and listen to this song (make sure and pause the other player) and while you are there, take time to listen to other Christmas songs too!