Saturday, November 8, 2014

Family Fun! Halloween

We had so much fun this year celebrating Halloween.  We actually grew our own pumpkin and the boys loved watching it grow (HUGE!) and they checked it every day for weeks as it slowly turned orange.  We did have a second pumpkin that got huge but it never turned orange! 

 The boys were very excited to finally get to carve our pumpkin.  This is the first year we've actually carved a pumpkin.  I thought they might want to decorate a smaller pumpkin but they had no interest - they totally wanted to work with Darryl and carve the pumpkin "they grew".

The boys wanted to be a full part of the carving so Darryl taught them how to move the knife to cut the top of the pumpkin.  (I was pretty sure someone was going to lose a finger . . .hahaha)
 Before long both of the boys have knives and were hacking carving away.  They loved it and kept asking who taught Darryl how to carve pumpkins HA!
 Trying to pull the top off of the pumpkin. . . .
 A little help from dad and the top finally came off . ..
 The boys did NOT like the guts HA!  We tried to get them to help scrap it out but there was no way they were touching it.  Nate did finally help me pull out the seeds for roasting but Josh wanted nothing to do with the "gross stuff."
We had a Halloween Tablecloth on the table so the boys picked out one of the jack-o-lanterns on the cloth and asked Darryl to copy it.
 The final product being product with a candle.  It is one awesome pumpkin!
 My two crazy boys and their first Jack-O-Lantern affectionately named "Jack".
 Me and my boys (see our green pumpkin on the steps?)
 Darryl and the boys.
This photo makes me laugh - Josh is my little photographer and this is the photo he took of Darryl, Nate and I :-)

My brother and sister-in-law, Kel and Deb, came to visit on Halloween and my brother even came in costume!
 My two Pirates.  To keep it real . . .. Josh was very upset with me because I told him he had to wear a coat (it was in the 20's and we had some snow!).  He told me he did not like cold Halloweens.  He pouted all the way until we got out of the truck and started walking  - then he told me how cold it was and he was glad he had his coat HA!  Well, because of the sadness at home, I did not get a great photo!
 My brother Kel and Nate.  Kel's costume was awesome!

 Darryl and I laughed and laughed when we turned around from getting the boys candy and saw Kel standing out on the sidewalk.  It was slightly creepy HA!  Kel was the most popular person on the Trick or Treating route, though, with adults and kids stopping to say hello to him!

After about an hour of outside Trick-or-Treating, we headed back to our church for their indoor (and warm) Truck-or-Treat activities.  The boys got to play lots of games and get more candy. 

It really was a great night and yes, the boys are enjoying their candy :-)