Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pizza Grilled Cheese

Pizza Grilled Cheese 
adapted from Kirbie Cravings
I have always loved a good grilled cheese sandwich.  My kids, not so much.  I mean, really??  So, I don't tend to make them often.  I came across a recipe for a pizza grilled cheese and had to try it especially since pizza is my favorite food (I could seriously eat it every. single. day.) It's a pretty simple sandwich and it was very good.  Next time I would put a little more pizza sauce on it than I did (I was afraid it would be soggy) and use more ingredients!  I just had bacon in the fridge to add to it but any of your favorite toppings would be good.  If you use veggies, though, I would saute your veggies first or they will just be crunchy! 

Bread - the better the bread the better the sandwhich
Butter spread
Mozzarella cheese - either shredded or slices
Pepperoni or your favorite toppings
Pizza sauce

I'm not sure I really need to give directions so I'll just tell you what I did.  Buttered one slice of bread and placed it in the pan.  Then I put some cheese on it and my toppings, and more cheese.  Turn the heat on under the pan - keep it low so the cheese will have time to melt.  Then spread the pizza sauce on the other slice and lay it on top; butter the top side of the bread. 

This was really yummy and I plan on making it for myself for lunch often during the winter months!