Tuesday, September 7, 2010

31 in 31 - day 28

Today's picture shows one thing - how horrible new recipes can be sometimes:

Oh boy - this was horrible!  It was supposed to be Sesame Chicken with Noodles.  Sounds kinda good, right?  NO!!!!  The recipe called for peanut butter in the sauce.  That should have been my first alarm since we don't normally like recipes with peanut butter based sauces but I thought "Oh, but it is Sesame chicken and I love Sesame Chicken - maybe that's the secret ingredient in the sauce!"  My second alarm should have been the fact that . . Darryl doesn't like Sesame Chicken at all LOL  So, after we both tasted this horrid dish, I went to taco bell and got real food !!

A Place for Everything, Everything in its place


I like to pick a goal, a plan, or a theme on a given month to plan my monthly "to do" or goal sheets around.  I know it is September 7th, and not the 1st, but doesn't it seem like Labor Day is the "start" of September since it is the "end" of summer?  Nothing had really hit me yet for this month but as I started to think about decorating for fall and than Christmas I realized that I had things that need a home.  Not a "for a few minutes until I need that spot" home but a permanent home.  You know what I'm talking about - the books you are always moving, the magazines that sit on the counter, your husbands hats that hang on a door, even dishes that sit on a counter because it is easier to put them there than where they should go.  I believe in the  Living with it concept.  What is that, you ask?  Figure out how you live and than base your organization around that concept.  Why put your husbands hats on the back of your bedroom door when he always leaves them by the entrance?  Instead find a place in the entrance for them that works for both of you; or why put your magazines on a stand in the living room if you only read them in bed before you go to sleep?  Or, I recently assigned the top of our entertainment center as the home base for our camera and video camera because that is where we use them the most - in the living room.  Now, we always know where to find them! The one truth that is stands is - "A Place for Everything, Everything in its place". 

So, for September - now that I have basically decluttered every room in my house, I have started deep cleaning those rooms, it is time to find homes for those last "floater" items.  They need homes or they need to go!  I need to find a home for my devotional books I'll be using with my new accountabilty group (more to come on that later); and for books I'm reading each quarter (info given - see the label "books" to see what I'm reading by December) and for our school related things such as craft supplies, the months story books and nursery rhymes.  Just all those odds and ends.  I just want to know where to put things instead of constantly moving them around!

Along this same idea, I'm giving my projects a place in the week.  I'm thinking that Mon-Fri will be focused on work - cleaning, keep things organized, running errands, working on my 40 x40 goals and such.  Leaving Saturday open for working on my Scrapbooking Projects so that i can lay them out on the dining room table and leaving it out all day long and Sunday will be for Football and Reading my books!