Monday, June 9, 2014

Lego Mania

My boys have finally gotten into the joys of Lego's.  Prior to the last couple of weeks, they liked them but they really didn't get them or understand how to build with them.  Then, they went on a trip with my parents to Chicago and visited the Lego Store.  Needless to say they came home with a few Lego boxes ready for Darryl to start building with them.  The first couple, Darryl built 100% with the boys watching; by the third one, the boys were picking out all of the pieces.  Then, last Monday, they got one out and Josh put the entire thing together.  On Tuesday the boys spent the morning putting together all of the rest of their kits with minimal help from me and then played with them all day long.

 Josh loves reading the Lego "Map" to figure out how to put each kit together.  Nate got out their big box of Legos and created some of his own creations.

 The goal was to keep all of the pieces on the cookie sheet . . .amazingly they haven't lost a single piece as of yet.
This is where the fragile pieces go (and the broken ones HA).  We have to find a better storage solution that's for sure.  There are a few pieces that were built that have come apart so they boys are waiting for Darryl to help them rebuild them.

Now, I knew that eventually we would be into Legos and I was looking at ideas for storage as, really, just ideas.  Now, though, I feel like I'm already overrun with Lego's and booklets and extra pieces and don't have a storage solution in place.  So, any of my readers out there have a great idea that works for you?  I want to put something in place now that we can use for years - not do something off the cuff that I have to replace in a year.  I like the Ikea idea using the Trofast storage . . .. anyone use it and does it work?