Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Goal Recap

Here's a little recap of my goals this past month.

1. The basement.  I started out strong with the basement, working about 20 minutes a day for a good week and a half.  It doesn't sound like a lot but that 20 minutes allowed me to get some things done.  I was on track to really knock it out this month until the record cold hit.  We've had below zero air temps which means our basement runs at about 40 degrees - my figures go numb doing the laundry HA! 
 One of my main projects was this shelving unit.  I picked it up back in January for a great deal at Menards and I love it.  It houses our games, homeschool stuff, out of season clothes for the boys, a "put away" box and a Good Will Box.  Now, in Menards, this shelf didn't look quite this tall so, in the spring, I plan to switch this shelf out for a 4 shelf unit in the garage. I cannot use the top shelf of this unit because of the vent  - see that heat vent?  That is the only vent for the entire basement so there is no way I can block that off :-)
The boys started working on organizing the basement playroom after I clean out some stuff for Good Will (yep, I did make one trip to Good Will!).  They organized the cushions and were working on sorting out all of the kitchen stuff when we got stopped by the cold. 

Ultimately, the laundry room is completely done and clean and the playroom is in process.  I'm happy with the progress!

2.  The Bedrooms - I was able to get the master bedroom deep cleaned and organized!
 We use tray tables as our side tables due to the tiny amount of space next to the bed.  I pulled out a couple of table clothes to softened them up slightly.  I used to keep table clothes on my table all of the time but with the table being our home school station as well, table clothes just aren't practicle.  I love that I have found a new use for something I really love.
I also organized all of my scrapbook stuff in the closet shelf and made it easy to grab stuff to work on by organizing current projects in a scrapbook bag in my closet. 

All of the corners are dusted, the fan is clean and I cleaned out under the bed which is always a challenge.

What did I not do?  I did not get to the boys room. I had plans to on a Friday they were gone but we dealt with a frozen pipe that cut off water to the entire house that day instead.  Plus, we will be getting them bunk beds in another few weeks so I kinda feel like I need to wait until we get those and then I can organize their stuff again.

3. School - I have my 2015-2016 curriculum list done, divided out by month of what I want to order, and have even picked up the first item we need through a Homeschool Facebook page for 1/2 the cost of new.  I also organized all of the paper and set up the filing drawer to house their special papers.

4. The boys birthday pictures are done and here is a sneak peak:

Once I've picked out all of my favorites I promise to share!  I can't wait to print my 16x20 black and whites of each boys and get the new photos on the wall.

5. Darryl's Birthday - We had a great weekend.  I'll share photos soon!

6. "Just One Thing".  This was something new this month and I really liked the idea.  I was able to accomplish some odd jobs that just seldom get done.

 Several years ago I started an alphabet wall.  I picked up letters, modge podged scrapbook paper on them and hung them up.  I could usually only pick up about 5 letters at a time and then, I never could make it into Hobby Lobby so my wall stopped at like "G".  I was tired of the half finished wall so I brought up a favorite picture from the basement and hung it up  instead.  Ultimately there is a project I want to do with our pet photos but that is a project for another day.
Here's a teaser :-)  I've been wanting to redo my kitchen wall.  I was so tired of the busy, filled up wall.  The boys and I had a chance to go to Hobby Lobby and I found the perfect decor for the wall.  It isn't done yet as I still have screws to remove, holes to fill and touch up paint to do but I figured I'd give you a "peek" :-)

Some other things on that list that got marked off:
1) Scrub the shower - every few months I have to work on getting rust off the shower even with a great water softener.  It really isn't work . . .I just have to clean with Iron Out cleaner and it does all of the work :-)
2) There was a scrap piece of granite that was sitting in my closet - that is now gone.
3.) All of my scrapbook stuff is organized in the bedroom.
4.) Nate's school work is all sorted for the rest of the school year.
5) I made the master Monthly menu!

Did I accomplish all of my "Just one Thing"? Nope but I did do alot of it! 

7. Those Misc Goals.  I have 4 misc goals that I'm keeping to myself :-)  I will tell you that in February, I was 50/50 on those goals.  I'm hoping for at least 75% next month :-)