Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Cute Not To Toot!!

I mentioned last week that an idea we want to start doing next year with the kids is including them in some of the New Years Eve fun.  I think I might have pinned an idea similar to this in Pinterest but I like the ideas that Organize and Decorate Everything gave for each of the bags.  My kids won't be quite ready to stay up until Midnight yet but we can do it for the length of their "party" and just add on each year.

A Pumpkin and a Princess shares a pretty simple idea for making your own Party Hats which ties in with one of the ideas from the post above but this would also be great for birthday parties.  I always like to have a game or activity at my kids parties (even though most of the guests are adults) and this could actually be fun!

Moving on to some Winter ideas (even though winter seems to be a little scarce this year!).  2 Teaching Mommies share a great winter color book as well as two other links to crafts from Family Fun Magazine.  The ideas will be added to my January Idea book for future winters (I already have my ideas picked for this year!)

I love to try new recipes, especially from Blogs/Sites that I've had success from in the past which is why I wanted to share this recipe from Comfy In the Kitchen for Crispy Orange Beef with Broccoli.  My husband and I enjoy Chinese food but we are finding it difficult to find a good restaurant with good quality food!  I have a couple of recipes I've master that taste almost like good Chinese takeout so I'm hoping this one will qualify too!
A friend of mind shared several Valentine's Ideas so I thought I would pass them along.  First up is this idea from Meyamo for really cute Pom Pom Creatures.  These are above my kids right now but would be great for upper elementary kids.
The next idea comes from The Crafting Chicks and I just love it.  I already have my Valentine's Projects picked out for this year but I would like to make this before next year :-)

Then another adorable idea comes from Disign Sponge and is for a Valentine Light bulb - it is so creative - I can't believe that someone thought this idea up :-)

As you may or may not remember, I love things done with hand prints so when I saw this idea over at Meet the Dubiens  for Hand print Monsters, I had to share it. 

We have a pretty typical tradition for Christmas Eve - my kids get to open a gift which includes a new pair of Christmas PJ's.  In the future, I would like my husband and I also to have coordinating PJ's so when I saw this tutorial over at Sew 4 Home for PJ pants, well, I wanted to save it for future reference!

Another idea from Sew 4 Home are these adorable Towels.  They would be great to make for the various holidays and would look great hanging at my kitchen sink.

And the last idea I'll share this week is from Burton Avenue and is my own mantra - I would love to make this to hang in my kitchen just as a reminder of what I want for our home.

Have a wonderful week.  (And in case you are wondering, I really am working on a few ideas that I look forward to posting about once I've completed them!)

Pinterest Challenge

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? :-)  I'm working on more ideas I have gleened from that wonderful place of awesomeness but I wanted to share a follow up to THIS post where I listed some ideas I wanted to do for 2012. 

One of them was a Calendar Journal - this is what mine looks like:
I picked up this cute little box at the Target Dollar Spot and it is the perfect size for my Calendar Journal.  I've enjoyed writing down one thought from each day and think it will be fun to look back at this in years to come.  I still don't have monthly dividers but I'm looking for some pretty postcards or something . . ..

The second idea was a Gratitude Journal.  My original thought was that I would make my own but when I went back to the original site I discovered that the writer actually had some in her Etsy shop so . . . I cheated.

Isn't that cute?  I'm enjoying looking for one specific thing to be thankful for each day.  The book is really adorable but . .. I will admit I'm not sold on all of the items she used for pages just because there isn't a way to write on some of them BUT, she also makes more "request"style books where I think you can request what you want in the book - she was sold out of that style so I went with just the standard book. 

That's my challenge for this week :-)