Saturday, January 26, 2019

Our week in photos #4

We had a quiet week partly because the kids spent a few days with my mom.  Darryl and I enjoyed a non-eventful weekend too.

We started out the week with a snowstorm.  We've had a pretty mild winter but Saturday made up for it.  In the end, we only got a few inches of snow - so not a true storm - but much better than the ice we had last week.

On Sunday, Darryl and I enjoyed eating lunch out together and going to Meijer.  I know, wow, but we used to always shop together and never do now so it's actually kind of fun.  Plus Darryl can then pick out his food for his lunch instead of me buying what I think he wants!!

Since I couldn't go anywhere on Saturday due to the bad roads, I took advantage of Monday when I unexpectedly didn't have to babysit (School was cancelled and the parents were home since they had the day off due to MLK day).  I treated myself to breakfast at McDonald's.  Then went to the Laundromat before heading to see a movie at the $5.00 ticket theater.  I actually enjoy going by myself every once in awhile.  Then I headed for home and did grocery shopping before Darryl and I went out to Pizza Hut for Dinner.

The boys came home Tuesday just in time for an ice event to hit again so we were home on Wednesday with our friends all day.  Thursday we started back to school with some easy lessons.

Friday we attended Friday School once again!
 Nate packing up a bag for the homeless for the Grateful Hearts Class
 Nate, in the solid yellow belt, doing TKD
 This is the Grateful Hearts class.  It is a service project class so they packed these Homeless bags for the local food bank to hand out as needed.  Josh and Nate are both in this class. 
 Josh taking French class.  He has always had a love for languages.  
 Nate is on the end - this is Fishing class.  I think it surprised him how much he is enjoying the class. 
 Nate in "Stones and Bones" 
 Josh in Origami - we made Paper Airplanes

Having fun seeing which airplane would go the farthest. 

Finally, after we got home, the boys went outside and played in the snow for a bit.