Sunday, August 8, 2010

40 Things I want to do before I turn 40

I was reading another blog recently and I saw a post about 30 things she wanted to do before turning 30.  It got me thinking about things I would like to accomplish before I turn 40.  Now, let me clarify one thing first - I am not turning 40 for a LONG time!!  I have a little less than 2 years before I turn 40 - actually 21 months to complete 40 things so, that means I better get moving because 2 things a month is a lot!!!  I've thought about this list for a few days, read it over to myself and my husband and think that this pretty much nails it on the head.  What this really is when it comes down to it is the smaller version of the "Bucket List".  Did you see that movie?  I did and it really did make me think at the time - Darryl and I even made bucket lists on the way home from the movie.  Do I have any idea where those are now?  NOPE!!! LOL  When I made this list I tried to be half way realistic - sure I would love to spend the week in Paris with my husband but that is not going to happen in the next 21 months . .. I do the budget, I know ;-) !  These are things that, if I keep them at the forefront of my mind. .. . keep them in front of my eyes . . .I really think I can accomplish them.  Listed below are those 40 things with some explanation.  I am also going to post a simple list (no explanations) on the side of my blog and as I accomplish them I will let you know!  So, when is your next birthday . . .or your next "big" birthday.  What things do you want to accomplish?  I think as a stay-at-home mom . . or maybe especially as a stay-at-home mom . .. it is so easy to forget about our goals, our dreams, and our wishful accomplishments in order to make sure that our spouse and our children get all of theirs completed and live fulfilled lives.  Sure, I get fulfillment from helping them but I need time for myself too in order to persue those things I have an interest in.  Not only will it make me a better person .. . it will make me a better wife and a better mother to have life experiences too.  I have a friend who tells from time to time that I need to take time for myself; maybe I need to listen!  Darryl and I were just talking this weekend while we are enjoying some time with just the two of us and I told him that I really want to start going to scrapbooking crops again.  I stopped going when he started working two jobs because I felt quilty about leaving him to put the two kids to bed; it's a lot of work to do by yourself especiallly when you are exhausted.  He is willing to do it - I just feel bad; but now that I've told him that, I feel the freedom to actually leave him with the kids - who cares if they are still up when I get home :-) 

Here's my list :
1. Make a rag quilt (I bought the pattern in 2009 while in Shippshawana . .. .and I really want to make it!)
2. Learn to Belly Dance (yep, you read that right)
3. Take a ballroom dancing class with my husband
4. Be completely current on all scrapbooking projects
5. Finish my first quilt (that I started like 6 years ago)
6. Eat at the 1913 Room (Grand Rapids only 5 Diamond Restaurant . .. actually I think it is Michigan's only one!!)
7. Learn to make the perfect Cheesecake
8. Reach my goal weight (I thought it would be funny to put this one after the cheesecake!!)
9. Read through the Bible in one year (Never have done this; started it many times though!)
10. Plant a vegetable garden
11. Can beets, pickles, tomatoes, salsa and jam
12. Re-learn Claire Delune on the Piano (I played it at my high school senior piano recital)
13. Go to a regular season Lions Game (I would really love to go to the Thanksgiving game but any game would be fine)
14. Go to a bra specialist, get professionally fitted and buy two of the very expensive, perfectly fitting bra's (yes, ladies, you all know what I'm talking about!!)
15. Renovate my kitchen completely from top to bottom
16. Put myself on a bone morrow transplant list (one of those things I always think about but never research)
17. Attend a Sandi Patty concert (Yes I've been to a few but want to go again!)
18. Walk on the treadmill 4 days a week for three months (I usually quit after 3 weeks so many three months would make it a habit and MAYBE I would actually enjoy it by than!)
19. Be making $1000.00 a month from home to help our family
20. Take a cooking class (nothing major - just a one day cooking class or even a few Saturdays in a row just to learn something new)
21.  Take a pohotography class (I've wanted to do this for years but have struggled to find one for amateurs . . hopefully I can find one!)
22. Learn to make Jewelry and make myself a necklacle, bracelet, and a pair of earrings
23. Ride on one of the two Great Lake Boats that go from Muskegon or Ludington to Wisconson and back.
24. Take a train to CHicago and stay overnight downtown
25. See "Wicked" (I love the song "For Good" and would love to see it performed live)
26. See the Rockettes live
27. Watch the Harlem Globetrotters in person
28. Sew an apron (I like aprons but refuse to buy them . . need many for the kitchen, I get so dirty!  Plus I would like a craft apron for when the kids and I make crafts)
29. Cook "clean" for one week (been doing research on this one - don't think it would be a lifestyle change but I would like to see what I can change to make our eating better)
30. Attend a concert in the park (Picnic Pops!)
31. Do a sole sensations treatment on my feet (you know, the little fishy's that nibble on your toes!)
32. Join a book club (on-line or in person) and stick to it for 6 months
33. Invite Lisa LaPlante over for dinner, a local reporter from our local fox channel.  (It is a long story - if I accomplish it, I will tell you the story, if I don't you will never know!)
34. Get a German Shepherd
35. Make three specific photo books (can't give any more details - but when they are completed and given away, I will tell you!!)
36. Learn CPR
37. Eat at the longest breakfast table in Battle Creek (it's a festival)
38. Win a makeover from one of our local stations - either a home makeover or a personal makeover (I always see the contests, tell myself I should enter and never do; so I'm going to actively apply to all of them . . .every one; and see if I can win!!)
39. Potty trian both of my children (YES!!)
40. Take my husband to see the Christmas Lights and ride the train at Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad. (he's never been!!)

If you decide to take on this challenge - drop me a comment on this post and give me your blog address or, if you don't have a blog, ask for an e-mail address and you can send it to me.  I'd love to read it!