Saturday, April 4, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #14

Here's a look back at our week at home!

Saturday - We just hung out at home.  (Surprise!)  My mom brought us a wonderful dinner of Ribs and Baked Beans.  I also did a Zoom meeting with my brothers and mom which was just so much fun!

Sunday - We "went to church" via live stream in Munising, MI.  Then we just enjoyed the quiet of the day at home.

Monday - School!

Tuesday - School !

 Good thing for the boys, they have a mom who not only plays the piano but used to teach piano lessons so we are continuing lessons.  They get 2 weeks to complete their practice but I want to keep them moving through their books. 
 We are doing school! 
 March is Reading Month - on this day the boys favorite teacher read a book she wrote about cows while sitting next to her newest calf at their farm in the barn while the cows were all mooing.  It was awesome!!!  
Every afternoon the kids have to go outside for at least 30 minutes.  They take a walk every day. 

Wednesday - April Fool's Day! We started our day with school of course! 

Doing school - notice Josh's hair?  Yes, that is a headband.  His hair is so long now it is "hanging in his eyes" (it is actually touching his eyebrows and he hates it HA).  He said he is wearing it until he gets a haircut.  We sent his hair stylist a photo and it made her laugh. 

 The annual tradition in this house is that I make Jell-O in our normal cups to serve as the drink.  It's always fun to see the first person try to take a drink :-) 
Playing football with the precious TP!! 
We took a photo today, April 1st, to showcase the beginning of a full month at home.  Yes, we've already been home for a few weeks but we are home until at least April 30th.  So, I'll take a photo on April 30th and see what we look like HA! 

Thursday - The sun!!! (oh, and school too)

This little guy is LOVING the sunshine coming through the slider.  He lays there all stretched out and cozy! 
And this guy, who is super social, is loving having us home all the time.  

Friday - We wrapped up school and enjoyed the sunshine.  I sat outside in my swing reading for an hour and even got a teeny tiny bit of sun.  It was amazing. 

The kids took their daily walk and then played a game of PIG in the driveway.  It was just an amazing day of sun and warmth. 

So, really, we had a good week.  Yes, we are missing our fun stuff but my boys are home bodies.  They haven't complained about being home or not doing anything.  They just enjoy hanging out at home, playing on their x-boxes, and watching Facebook Live Video Concerts!