Thursday, May 7, 2015

Getting Things done

I spent most of April (and probably all of March!) not getting much done and here is the reason why:

 Do you see those empty pages in my planner?  I did not take time to make a to do list of any kind on most days.  There were a few weeks where I was sick with a cold that settled in my chest so I did as little as possible in order to avoid coughing but otherwise, well, I read a lot.  :-)
I'll say it over and over but, I'm a planner. I'm a list maker and an organizer.  It's why I still love a paper planner - so I can make a list and have it handy.  When I take time to make a to do list, I actually tend to accomplish close to 90% of what is on that list because I don't like NOT crossing things off throughout the day.  Sometimes I write the entire weeks goals out on Sunday; sometimes I write out a list for the following day before I go to bed and sometimes, while I eat breakfast, I write down what I want to do that day.  So, it isn't a matter of when I write something down but rather just the fact that it is listed. 

Oh, and I still love my Erin Condrin planner and am already saving my pennies to be able to buy this "splurge" at Christmas :-) It is one of those things that makes me smile and I make sure that at some point while at the Beach in the summer I take the "perfect" picture of the boys to put on the front of my planner that brings me joy all year long!