Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Encouraging One Another Link Party

It is time for another link party over at Women Living Well.

This link party is a way to encourage each other in a variety of ways so check it out and do some blog hopping to read what ideas other people have out in blog land :-)

I'm linking up with this Post about Simplifying my Devotional Life.

Too Cute Not To "Toot"

One of the "dangers" of doing this post every week is that I find so many things I want to make!  I've found that if I copy the info into a word doc and save it in the corresponding folder, when I come back later, I can pick my favorites (instead of trying to make every single one at once!) 

Enjoy :-)

Tammys Sweet Spot gives a great idea for making alphabet magnets.  These would be a wonderful teaching tool and very easy to make.
Over at Creations By Kara, she gives a really easy tutorial for baby wash clothes.  You can follow the same general guidelines to also make burp cloths and even the warm fuzzy blankets.  I have some baby showers to go to in the coming months, I think I need to get sewing!

This recipe card holder from Lifes Sweeter with Chocolate is adorable and would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift.  Include some of your favorite recipes written out or typed up on cute recipe cards.  (I hope my sisters-in-law don't ready this . .LOL)

Here is an adorable Crayon wreath that is super easy to make.  It is another great teacher gift idea - it would look cute on the classroom door!.  Check out the full tutorial here
Over at Big Sis Lil Sis is a great idea, again with crayons, but this one is a way to recycle all of those broken crayons.  It is easy and would be great for both home and a classroom.  In the case of the tutorial, she actually purchased a new box from the Dollar Store to create these toddler  sized crayons.
Finally, over at Serving Pink Lemonade she gives the beginning of a tutorial for something called a quiet book.  I've seen these before and like the concept - it would be something great for my kids to use any time we have to sit somewhere - whether it be the doctor's office or a church service.  I'm going to be following this one closely and hope to be able to make one book for each of my boys - we'll see!

Once again, tons of great ideas out there. 

Happy Crafting!