Thursday, June 6, 2019

Summer Fun - Week 1

I'm going to follow a similar plan as last year to keep up with my Summer Fun plans.  I actually really enjoyed reading back through last years plans as I was writing up my calenders for this year.

Basically, I will make my master list below and then add comments at the end of the week of what we actually did.  I still have some more things that are coming up to add to our calendar as ideas - and yes, that is what my calendar's really are, just ideas.  It's a place to write down every idea that interests me that we might do.  It doesn't mean we will do all of them (or any of them) but without the master plan, we would do nothing!

May 31st- June 6th

Friday - We have a field trip with our Co-Op to the Road Commission.  It is their 100th year anniversary so there is a day of fun planned plus we get a tour. This was an awesome trip! 

Saturday - There is a car show in our town.  We went last year and the boys liked looking at the cars.  The weather this year is iffy so this activity is iffy! We got some pretty powerful storms and the car shows was actually shut down early due to the rain.  

Sunday - Nothing is planned :-) This day went exactly as planned and it was marvelous!  After church, the boys and I just relaxed at home and did not much of anything. 

Monday - Nate has a haircut; we need to register for the summer reading program; if the weather is nice we will have a little picnic at the park and take our year end photos. Nate got his haircut; we signed up for the reading program; but instead of a picnic, Josh got his favorite Speedway Pizza and Nate got his favorite Mac and Cheese for lunch (Blue Box of Course!) I did take Nate's year end photo with his fresh haircut but I'm waiting to take Josh's after he gets his hair cut in a week and a half - then I'll share! 

Tuesday - Swimming.  Nate has asked to go see Endgame (a movie) and Josh doesn't want to see it.  Tuesday's are $5.00 tickets so I might take Nate to see the movie. None of this happened.  Instead, I worked in the yard.  

Wednesday - Swimming if the weather is nice We swam!  It was a perfect day for swimming for sure and, bonus, we had the pool to ourselves for a while too! 

Thursday - I have a board meeting; I just realized that I scheduled to post on the same day as the last day of the "week" - Thursday! I'll have to alter that next week.  BUT, since the only thing scheduled today is the Board Meeting, I know it will happen :-)