Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lunches - and a recipe

 First, I wanted to share a simple recipe that I used for several lunches last week.  It is a Pesto Pasta salad. 

Very simply, you boil pasta (bow tie is probably the best but I had a few boxes of medium shells in the cupboard so I used some of that).  Add some cherry tomatoes, halved, and some fresh mozzarella (I got the small little balls of fresh mozz - my favorite!!).  Mix in the pesto and boom - a perfect salad.  Next time, I would add some black olives and feta cheese to add just a little more flavor.

Now, here are some more samples of my lunches (You can stop reading if you don't care HA!)

 This is my go-to Chicken Salad served with some peppers, celery with cream cheese and a roll with butter. 
 Pickle Roll-ups (with pickles and cream cheese), peppers and celery, an orange and crackers.  
 I started using leftovers since my fridge was full - Left over pulled pork, a salad, and an orange. 
 More leftovers - Baked Potato with bacon, cheese and sour cream and a salad. 
Finally a tortilla pizza with a salad.  The sausage balls were a bonus because they had just come out of the oven and I love them so much! 

The past few days I've been focusing on using up leftovers in trying not to waste food.  Next week I want to plan more of these really good lunches though!