Saturday, February 23, 2019

Our Week in Photos #8 -

Some weeks are super busy and some are not.  This was a "not" busy week which = no photos!

That's the week we had!

1) On Saturday I had book club - it was a great time with friends.  We spent more time catching up then talking about a book but I think we all needed the break after weeks of bad weather!

2) On Sunday we went to church and just hung out at home.

3) On Monday we did a full day of school.

4) On Tuesday we took our "President's Day".  I had actually planned to run errands today (which is why we did school on Monday since technically we did not have school) but Darryl's truck broke down so I was without a vehicle!  We just enjoyed a day at home - I did some organizing and cleaning!

5) On Wednesday we did a little school and then went out to lunch with friends.

6) On Thursday we did a full day of school!

7) Friday was Darryl's birthday.  He worked, we had Friday School.  The boys went to a birthday party/sleep over and Darryl and I went out to dinner. (Oh wait - a couple of photos!!)
 Nate  - 4th one from the right - loves to help lead the verse and song in our morning opening. 
Josh and Nate in their "Grateful Hearts" class.  (I was a helper)  They made a meal for a missionary family. 

At least I have a couple of photos :-)