Saturday, March 7, 2020

2020 Weekly Photos #10

Welcome to a new week - a "not many photos" week!

Saturday - I had a wonderful day!  I got to spend the day scrapbooking and then we, as a family, enjoyed a night of worship at church.  We did take our LEAP DAY photo though!

Sunday - It was a beautiful day!  Sunny and "warm".  So, a day of church and family day was just what we needed.  Nate also had a friend over the afternoon but I never got a photo - they kept hiding HA!

Monday - Total school day followed by TKD

Tuesday - We enjoyed another day of school followed by piano lessons

Wednesday - Just school and AWANA

Thursday - We actually just had a quiet day. We had some plans that had to change last minute so all of our school work was done.  The boys enjoyed a day off

Friday - Friday School!! Plus the boys had a friend over to spend the night.