Thursday, March 21, 2013

A great post

Every once in awhile I read a post that is too good not to share.  This post is from a friend of mine on her blog called Our Beautiful Mess.

The post is titled "Why my kids and I need TV".  It's something I've been thinking about writing but, why write it when my friend hit the nail on the head.  Yes, my kids watch TV -they have actually learned a lot from "Preschool On TV".  In the heat of summer, it is our life saver and, since my kids don't take naps, it is a great way to take a rest in the afternoon.  We turn it off during preschool and it often stays off until late afternoon when we are all ready for a break! Kudo's to those parents who never turn on the TV - but I need my sanity (and about 2 hours in the morning to be awake enough to play HA) so we enjoy fun cartoons.