Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Building Habits for Life

Time to update on those areas I'm trying to change.  Change is hard, in case you were wondering :-) 

If you recall, the last time I shared this Concept, I had completed the Habits I wanted to start in both the Kitchen and the Master Bedroom.  I was working on the Dining Room and Drinking Water/Snacks. 

Dining Room - Completed
I've worked the last several weeks on keep the dining room picked up, clutter free, and the table cleaned, covered with a table cloth.  Amazingly, I discovered that I have six tableclothes so I had plenty to keep a clean clothe on the table every day.  It looks so much nicer to have that tablecloth on the table and it helps keep things from landing on the table - I don't like to have it messy :-)  
Drinking More Water/Late Night Snacking - In Process still
I was reminded of one simple truth as I worked through the last two weeks.  I. don't. like. water.  I did purposefully drink more - often just grabbing an 8 oz glass and guzzling it down just to drink water.  Instead I found that I drank a lot of Crystal Light and Spite Zero and that made me happy :-)  I still drank too much Pepsi so I am continuing to work on changing that habit.  Late night snacking.  Geesh.  I need will power HA!  So, I will continue to work on breaking that late night snacking habit! 

Bathroom - New Habit
No, not going to the bathroom HA!  Part of my morning routine is to do something called a Swish and Swipe which is basically - wiping down the counter and mirror  and then doing a quick "swish" in the toilet to keep it clean.  I've gotten lazy and need to do this routine again.  Then, I need to work on wiping down the shower daily and just keep stuff picked up (towels hung up, things off the floor ect)  I just picked up a skinny laundry basket that fits into a corner perfectly so no more clothes on the floor WHOO WHOO!! Also, my cat is getting older so we have moved the cat litter upstairs into the bathroom to help her out . . this is working great but I need to get a covered box and continue to work on keeping that area cleaned up daily :-)  
Breakfast - New Habit
Even though I am still working on water/snacks, I am going to keep pushing forward with some eating habits.  Breakfast is not my finest moment.  There are two sides to this coin - 1) I love breakfast food and wish I had a chef who could make me healthy, good breakfasts every single day.  I would be in heaven.  2)I don't have a chef and I am not a morning person . .therefore I need super easy things to eat that will keep me full!!  So, I need to set up a rotation of 4-5 things that are easy to eat but still healthy.  Things like Cream of Wheat, Bagels, Eggs and Toast etc.  I'm working on getting up earlier in order to have time to eat some breakfast before the boys get up.  My boys love pop tarts and that is all they want . .. unless they see me eating and then they eat my food :-/ 
Lets see how the next two weeks go!